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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Donate Your Wedding Dress

Ah, yes! One more viable option for your wedding dress once you no longer need it: Donate it! (Thanks, Brittany, for your comment on the Trash the Dress post.)

The Making Memories Foundation sponsors Brides Against Breast Cancer events. Basically, you donate your wedding dress and it is then sold to another bride-to-be. The profit is then used to make wishes come true for women and men with breast cancer.

Here's what their website says:

This unique opportunity allows brides-to-be a chance to find the gown of their dreams at a remarkable price, while helping to make wishes and memory-making events come true. Most gown prices range from $99 to $799*, including hundreds of beautiful new name brand and designer gowns valued up to $8,000. *Exclusive designer and couture gowns valued up to $20,000 are also available at an incredible 25% to 75% savings. We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and debit cards.

REMEMBER – more than half the gowns presented during each event are NEW designer gowns that arrived directly from designers, manufacturers and bridal retailers.

Specific directions for sending in your gowns can be found on their website.

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Catherine said...

That's where I got my dress and I couldn't be happier! It's beautiful; I got a great deal; and I felt good about where my money was going. My dress will probably end up back there after the wedding...

Mrs. Andi said...

Off topic, I saw an article that made me totally think about this blog & a lot of the posts you've made. It's on Real Simple, I have a link to it on my most recent post.

Brittany said...


THIS is fantastic. What a great way to turn a totally selfish purchase into something great!

My married/engaged friends hate me.

Jess said...

I totally agree with this post and your last one about TTD sessions. I don't understand what most women are thinking when they drop hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars and then basically toss their dress in the garbage. And I don't think this goes for just wedding dresses. The same women who think about their wedding gowns in this manner were probably the girls who had to buy a new expensive dress for each high school dance or prom. I was always jealous of those girls cause my family couldn't afford to drop a lot of cash on a dress I'd wear once. So when I came across www.glassslipperproject.org I found it really inspiring that someone created an organization where high school girls can go and pick out their own dress & accessories for free. Now I know what I'll do with the lavender and cotton candy pink bridesmaid dresses hanging in my closet (sorry brides, but I won't ever wear those again). I think people who are blatantly wasting dresses need to wake up to the people in need out there and help the greater community instead of being so self-centered.

Anonymous said...

I should read all the current posts before making comments! Thanks for suggesting this idea!

Anonymous said...

I hope more brides will think about buying their wedding dresses from charitable organizations or at least donate their gowns to them after the wedding.

Anonymous said...

Hello there.
do you girls know if the Brides Against Breast Cancer has any event in Ottawa...i really like their concept and would love to buy the dress from them and then donate it again...
i'm not sure i got it, but they don't sell their dresses online right?you can't browse their dress collection, can you?

do yu know any toher wesbites like thi sone?
thank you

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