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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Halloween Wedding Fun

I had to have my wedding in the summer for a couple reasons (none of which have to do with the fact that summer is a very conventional time to have a wedding):
  1. I was born in San Diego, lived their for 12 developmental years, and then moved to Florida to finish off my childhood. When I graduated from college at Stetson University, I joined Teach For America and moved to the coast of rural Louisiana (also warm and sunny). After three years of teaching on the bayou, I moved to Houston to teach at a KIPP school. As you can see, I am addicted to sunshine and warmth. I am a summer girl through and through.
  2. Many of our friends are teachers, so summer vacation is a great time for them to travel.
  3. Matt and I only lived in Denver for one year, and we wanted to get married in Colorado before we moved. We didn't want to get married in his hometown or my hometown because we didn't want the ceremony to be dominated by one of our families. Also, Houston (where we moved to) would not be one of my top wedding destination choices. I love the heat and humidity, but the mosquitoes would thwart my outdoor wedding preferences!
So, summer it was. As a side note, the mountains are a great place to get married in the summer. The daytime temperatures only get into the eighties (but you do have to watch out for brief, sporadic rain outbursts).

If I absolutely couldn't get married in the summer, my second choice would be Halloween. Seriously. I would have a big costume party wedding. I would request that all the guests dress up in their best costumes. I would wear a big, puffy white dress to mock the fact that traditional wedding dresses feel like costumes to me anyway.

I love dressing up for Halloween (see two of my previous costumes above; I was Super-Ego and my friend, Jamie, was Super-Freak). I would love to attend a Halloween wedding. According to my quick Google search, it appears that lots of folks do have Halloween weddings; I've just never been invited to one. I was once the guest at a wedding that was held over Halloween weekend and yet we weren't aloud to dress up. That was a huge disappointment.

Next year is the perfect year for a Halloween wedding. October 31st falls on a Saturday!

If you're even considering it, here's some planning inspiration.

P.S. It's time to get cracking on those Halloween costumes. It's September already. I'm going as Scrabble. Some other costume ideas from my friends: a squid and a whale, Einstein and a bee, the main character from Where the Wild Things Are.

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nikkimatt said...

his name is max!!(little dude from where the wild things are..) my buddy scott was him a few years back.. it was an amazing costume made by his then girlfriend, who not only made that, but also fashioned herself a perfect princess leia bikini out of actual copper wire!! truly a badass..
my friend emily got married last year on halloween,she had a pretty knot style regular wedding but with a crazy scary haunted house cake. so for those on the fence, go mellow on the "halloweeness" for the ceremony and food, then have a spooky reception on into the night!!

Annie said...

Shout out to a fellow Stetson grad! Go Hatters :)

Cate Subrosa said...

Once of my favourite bloggers is having a Halloween wedding this year. She just happens to be hilarious too: http://intbride.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

I am getting married the same day (also a teacher too), we are not doing a halloween wedding, but are throwing in touchs of halloween. the ceremony is going to be very normal, since we both consider it sacred, but for the reception, we are having the maids wear fairy wings, the groomsmen wear masks, and he is wearing fangs and I will have a bitemark.

we are having a "candy bar" a table with various candys on it and trick or treat bags for guests to make their own. There will also be masquerade masks for each place setting.

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