Tying the Knot in a Meaningful and Memorable Way (Without Losing Our Savings or Sanity)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meaningful and Memorable Wedding

I am so, so inspired by this meaningful and memorable wedding. The couple chose to solidify their commitment atop a parking ramp because it was a place that had special meaning to their relationship and their commitment to the world.

Here's what Rachel, a friend of the couple, had to say about it:

"It truly was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to, and fit this couple so well. This couple spends time every week walking around downtown and visiting their homeless friends, and the bride teaches English to Somali immigrants in our neighborhood (the newlyweds and my fiance and I all attended a bible college in downtown Minneapolis--which is right next to the famed parking ramp). The pictures were also taken by another friend of ours, and the food was catered by friends at the college's food service (where the bride also worked during her time at college). They also got the flowers from the farmer's market that morning, and another friend of ours who works at a florist arranged them. All in all, they strived for a simple, joyful day, and they definitely pulled it off with the help of all their friends and family."

[insert sigh of contentment]

Way to be the change!

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1 comment:

kate said...

That is a such a grand way for that couple to have incorporated their personalities into their celebration.

And oh, how I adore my hometown skyline! Yay Minneapolis! Yay love!

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