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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Q & A: Doling Out Jobs and Save the Dates

Reader Questions: Did you ever feel uncomfortable asking friends and family members for help and giving them jobs? I think some people seem laid back enough to not mind, and others seem all offended that I want to “put them to work” – I wasn’t sure how to proceed, so I’ve kind of put things on hold for now. . .

Great question! I addressed this issue here. Additionally: I think the trick is asking people in a really straightforward way like, "I'm asking you this because I think you have a lot to contribute, but my number one goal is for you to enjoy yourself. So if doing this job interferes with that, then please say no! Seriously. My feelings won't be hurt. I promise to appreciate your honesty."

Also, am I understanding right that you did your save the dates by an online survey? Did you have issues with people weren’t into emails and computers (grandparents, etc.) and did people know it was a save the date?

Another good one. You can find my thoughts here. Additionally: we entitled the e-mail message "Save the Date," so it was pretty apparent. Also, back to your first question: we used the survey as a way to gauge who might be interested in helping out!

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