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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tip #6: Ideas for Building Successful Relationships

Live healthily so you can live longer together.

There's an interesting article about how to live longer. An adventurer/researcher spent seven years identifying "four hot spots of longevity": the mountainous Barbagia region of Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy; the Japanese island of Okinawa; a community of Seventh-day Adventists in Loma Linda, Calif., about 60 miles east of Los Angeles; and the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, in Central America.

Common factors among these otherwise disparate regions include:
  1. Close relationships
  2. Healthy eating
  3. A sense of purpose
Limiting food intake and eating healthy also are key... Elderly Okinawans follow a maxim to eat only until their stomachs are 80 percent full, Buettner said. Centenarians in Sardinia, Okinawa and Nicoya rarely ate meat, and some Adventists stick only to a plant-based diet. Adventists frequently eat nuts while Okinawans eat tofu.

According to the article, two factors severely limit Americans' potential for true longevity: smoking and obesity. It's never too late to make a change!

Marriage is about the long haul. It's about joys and sorrows and wrinkles. It's about keeping track of your anniversaries in moon cycles. It's about growing more comfortable and more patient every day. It's not about cake toppers and centerpieces and dresses that you only wear once.

Be your best healthy self! That reminds me of our vows. We promised to be our best selves for each other. That definitely includes being as intentionally healthy as possible.

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V. Wetlaufer said...

First of all, I just want to say that I love your blog.

I just wanted to point out a major flaw in this post that hit a nerve.

I am both technically obese (by the insane standards the insurance companies invented) and a practitioner of healthy living, which the media would like people to believe is impossible. My weight will not mean that I don't get to live long with my partner.

As written on the fat-positive blog Shapely Prose (and elsewhere):

A new study suggests that a surprising number of overweight people — about half — have normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels, while an equally startling number of trim people suffer from some of the ills associated with obesity.

I'm sure you didn't mean anything in this post, but a nerve definitely got pinched to read, basically, that because I'm fat, I won't have a successful relationship.


Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi Loaf,

I'm running out the door to catch a flight to New York because a hurricane is heading to Houston, and stuff is probably going to start shutting down before my originally scheduled flight tomorrow morning. I promise to respond more thoughtfully to your comment as soon as I have internet access again!

Take care,


Sara E. Cotner said...

Okay, Loaf, I have landed safely in New York and have successfully avoided Hurricane Ike. Sheesh! This hurricane season has made traveling very difficult.

Thanks for raising an interesting argument in your comment. I definitely appreciate critical discussion.

My main point was--and still is--that one way to have a successful relationship is to "live healthily so you can live longer together." It sounds like you're already doing just that. I didn't mean to imply that being overweight and healthy are always mutually exclusive things.

Definitely leave another comment or e-mail me if you want to discuss it further (saracotner@yahoo.com).

Take care,


V. Wetlaufer said...

Thanks for your response, Sara. And I'm glad you're safely away from Ike. Living in Florida, I am very familiar with the dangers of hurricanes.

Like I said, I figured you didn't intend to imply overweight=unhealthy, but that's my pet issue, so I try to point out the dangers of that when I see it come up.

I do think you are 100% correct that living healthy lives together is important (something I'm thankful my fiancee helps me do!). You're right on the money with smoking being a major health danger, it was just the proximity of obesity with the smoking in the post that initially triggered my comment.

Anyway, stay safe and thanks for responding. And keep up the good work with your blog, because it is a great inspiration for me as I plan my wedding.

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