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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DIY Applique

I needed a baby gift for my dear friends, Marsha and David. Usually, my go-to gift for a new baby is a pair of Robeez. They're adorable, but expensive. In an effort to save money in case we head into the Second Great Depression, I decided to make a little something instead. I actually had all of these materials on hand:
  1. An organic onesie (available at Target)
  2. Random fabric
  3. Steam-a-Seam 2: Double Stick Fusible Web
  4. A fading fabric pen
I started by peeling back one of the layers of Steam-a-Seam and pressing the fabric onto it, wrong-side down. Then I drew my shapes using the fading fabric pen. I then cut out the shapes (I used pinking sheers to cut out the bird's body).

Next, I peeled off the second layer from the Steam-a-Seam and positioned my shapes. The cool thing about fusible webbing is that you can reposition stuff as much as you want until you get it just right.

Once everything was exactly how I wanted it, I pressed the iron over it for 10 seconds.

When everything was basically glued in place by the fusible web, I sewed around the shape using my quilting attachment and was done with the onesie! Then I made a quick envelope out of a Starbucks bag. Voila!

Let me know if you have any questions. I thought I would share this process in case it's useful for any of your DIY wedding goodness. You can do this process on virtually anything: t-shirts, cloth napkins, handkerchiefs, dish towels, sweatshirts, canvas bags, etc.! (Please leave other ideas in the comments section.)

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Kelly said...

how fantastic! fabric is a medium I rarely use in DIY projects, but this looks like a cinch!

Anonymous said...

This is so inspirational, Sara! You're so creative and I love your blog! :)

~ Jen (from MECR)

Lisa said...

The envelope looks cool--I'd love to see more info on that and how you made it. Did you use it as a mailing envelope?

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi Lisa,

For the envelope, I took a Starbucks bag and cut out a rectangle big enough to fold over the onesie. I then sewed up three sides of the paper to form the envelope and left a little flap at the top to fold over like a real envelope. I stuffed the onesie inside and then taped the flap shut with packing tape. I cut out a swoosh and a flower shape out of an orange remnant of the bag and taped those on as well (the bag felt a little flimsy, so I ended up covering a lot of it with packing tape to strengthen it). That was it! I mailed the whole thing as is. It only cost $1.33 (or something very close to that). I hope that's clear. Let me know if you have additional questions.

Lisa said...

Makes sense. Did you use a sewing machine for the envelope, or sew by hand? Thanks!

Sara E. Cotner said...

I used a sewing machine. I usually don't have any trouble sewing on paper (I just don't often backstitch over the first couple stitches, like I would normally do on fabric). If you have trouble with the paper ripping, you can use a wider stitch. Hope that helps!

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