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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Easy, DIY Wedding Ceremony Programs

Wow. I'm inspired by this cute wedding ceremony program using wooden fan handles. It was featured on Brooklyn Bride and designed by Mok Duk.

We created fans for our ceremony programs, too, but I didn't think to do a one-sided fan. Much simpler (and it conserves paper because you're not gluing two sheets together). Brilliant!

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Biz said...

My fiance and I are going to do this...AND we're getting married at the same place. My mom is a little skeptical, but I'm feeling very validated right now. :)

Biz said...

and by place I mean location.

EliandMe said...

I love these. Probably entirely inappropriate for a ceremony in rain soaked England, but what the hell!

Bad Kid Productions said...

Yes this one is so cute. I love it.

You've been tagged! Check my blog for da rulez :)

Susan Fussell said...

It's very cute. I also was planning a two-sheet fan, but I might experiment a little, too. My sticks aren't as long, though so I'm not sure it will be as effective http://www.susanfussell.com/wedding/blog/2008/10/partial-list-of-diy-projects.html

Anonymous said...

This is such a fantastic idea, especially for an outdoor summer wedding! How fantastic!

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