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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Homemade Wedding Cake Perfection


I am so delighted by the Bride Who Baked Her Own Wedding Cake, featured on the kitchn (kudos to a reader for sharing it with me!). I am inspired on so many different levels.

First, I love the way she describes how her nearest and dearest came together to make it happen. They helped unpack the cakes from the freezer and stack them with icing in between the layers. They also helped set up the cake stands, beautify the cakes, and set the scene. I imagine it was a wonderful way to spend quality time with friends in the final hours before the wedding.

Second, I loved the creative use of fruit. I am struck by the beauty of simplicity and naturalness. The realness of this cake makes it so very appealing to me. If I were a guest, it would make me feel more connected to the couple and the experience. Did I mention there was homemade ice-cream? (Note to self: I must make homemade ice-cream this week.)

And—to top it all off (pun intended)—I am refreshed by the bride’s laid-back perspective. First, she deemed that fancy decoration wasn’t necessary to help her reach the purpose and goals of her wedding, which freed her to undertake the challenge of making her own cake.

More importantly, she took a risk and realized that even if the whole thing flopped miserably, her wedding would still go on. She would still be married in the end. Her guests would still have a good time. (Plus, she’d have a good story to tell for many years to come.)

Besides, most wedding crises can be averted in the last minute if you’re willing to be flexible and creative and willing to keep the whole thing in perspective. Whole Foods makes mean cakes that can be picked up in a pinch.

I love the way she summed it up:

“And perhaps (I dare to hope, humbly) it will inspire you or someone you know to bring just a little more home cooking into your next big event—a party, a graduation, a wedding even. Because the warmth you can bring by cooking things with your own hands is worth the stress and sleepless nights and small loss of pristine perfection; it was so worth it for me, at least. For us, this was the perfection we had hoped for.”

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Angel said...
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Angel said...

Yay for a homemade wedding cake! I did my own, and despite making way too much and staying up way late (a little better planning on my part would have fixed that in a jiffy), it was worth it. Not only did we save so much money (I spent maybe $50 tops...maybe), but I got to have the flavor I wanted...my grandma's wartime chocolate cake recipe. We heard nothing but raves from how delicious it was.

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