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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Less than Ideal Options that Get the Job Done

I'm trying to figure out the lighting situation for our backyard Halloween dance. We need enough light but not too much.

I searched around the internet and found lots of cute options. I'm a big fan of the lanterns and the balls.

In the end, however, I'll probably just resort to plain ol' icicle lights. They are the cheapest and they get the job done.

I never thought we would have used icicle lights for our wedding (see picture above), but Cathy and Cory, the innkeepers of Sunshine Mountain Lodge, let us borrow theirs for free. With our strict budget, decorations were not a huge priority for us. In the end, I really liked the feel they created.

It's funny how a cheap, less-than-ideal option gets the job done perfectly well. Something to keep in mind when planning a wedding!

Here are the other options I considered:

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Anonymous said...

I have several boxes of those round globe-y ones, they're frosted (target, post christmas sale!). Want to borrow those from MN?

Sara E. Cotner said...

You are so cute! Seriously, I love having internet friends all across the world.

I think I'll just get the icicle lights (although they aren't as cute as those globes!) because we hope to have many, many backyard parties in years to come. It's a good investment. But thank you for the offer!

Melissa said...

i love the big lights... i think they remind me of being in a southern movie... like sweet home alabama.. haha and they're sorta vintage looking...
but the icicle lights would look fine...they give off alot of light.. and hey if its a halloween party buy orange ones or spray paint them orange.. then it won't give off too much light..

Selfish Jean said...

I'll be putting out some Mason jars with candles I inherited to light the driveway and deck. I bet you could also hang some from the trees but it might be more time consuming than it's worth.

Anonymous said...

my venue has potted plants and trees everywhere, already, and they keep the white lights in the trees from the christmas decorations. i saw on HGTV a cute trick for my nautical theme: buying seabiscuits and using the natural hole in the back to cover the light. i found a website that sells them wholesale. i have a lot of little things like this that i'm planning, but am not super-concerned with the major details. i think the little surprises and the fun atmosphere are what guests remember most.

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