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Monday, October 20, 2008

Protect the Right to Marry: Vote NO on Proposition 8

A friend of mine called last night from Oakland to say she'll be in Houston for our old-school Halloween dance party and our trick-or-treating for canned goods. Hooray!

"And by the way," she added, "I'll be getting married the Wednesday before I fly to Houston."


Don't get me wrong. I'm a supporter of elopement if couples consider it their only option for sailing over the hurdle that is the Wedding Industrial Complex and the familial/societal pressures that threaten to shackle us at times. Or if they just think it is the right option for them.

But I've never had to face the experience in real life from one of my best friends.

It turns out that she feels another kind of pressure. As a gay Californian, she currently has the right to get married. And, on November 4, this right might be ripped away if too many people vote yes on Proposition 8.

I get sick to my stomach when I think about the hypocrisy of our country. We spend billions of dollars a year to bring freedom to other countries. We pride ourselves on being the "land of the free." And yet we don't give all our citizens the freedom to marry?

Seriously? In the year 2008?

What your religion thinks about same-sex couples is irrelevant. This issue isn't about your ideas of morality. It's about civil liberty. It's about respecting and honoring love and commitment in all relationships. It's about liberty and justice for all. The same religions that decry same-sex marriage also preach about respecting and honoring all people.

If you are a Californian, please, please get out and vote NO on Proposition 8. Today is the last day to register to vote in California. Just download a form, fill it out, and drop it by the post office so it can be postmarked today.

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V. Wetlaufer said...

Also vote No on 2 if you are in Florida!

christina said...

thank you for your post!! so well said. we were planning our wedding before the june supreme court decision, but we are so grateful we were able to get married before november.

thanks again for the post, every supporter helps!

Susan Fussell said...

Amen, sister. A friend of mine lost her partner last week and you can't imagine the trouble she faced (and will continue to face) because they weren't married. Of course, here in ole' Virginia she didn't have the "right". It makes my blood boil. I'm so grateful that DF and I don't have to face that challenge, but so sad and angry that others do.

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