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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Raising Money for a Honeymoon

Remember a while back when I posted about how Matt and I raised additional funds for our wedding by selling some of our old junk on craigslist?

Well, this couple takes the cake.

When they learned that they could convert trash into airline miles by taking it to a store to recycle, they decided to collect enough trash to finance their honeymoon flights.

They worked long and hard to collect enough trash to make it happen. In the end, they made their city cleaner and they got a free trip.

I'm so inspired by symbiotic relationships.

And imagine how proud they must have felt to have worked so hard to earn something?

I love the notion of proactively earning something as opposed to reactively paying for something.

In our credit card culture, it's so easy to buy whatever we want, regardless of whether we actually have the money for it. Once we have it, we have to retroactively pay for it.

Call me old fashioned, but I'm much more fond of working your ass off to procure enough money and then buying the coveted item. Sweet rewards!

Matt and I are in this position right now. We need to raise money for our honeymoon. We currently have $675.73 in our vacation fund. But, um, we also have to pay for Thanksgiving and Christmas plane tickets. Eek!

Hmmm....maybe we can have a bake sale. My friend Camella and I are talking about throwing a huge Halloween dance (with random people invited). Maybe I could set up a little bake sale?

I'm going to have to think about this one a little more. Maybe we could give our neighbors special trash bags and ask them to put their cans into them. On recycling day, we can go around and pick up the cans and drive them to a machine that will give us money for them?

Ooh, here's a whole article about how make money from aluminum can recycling. I'm thinking....

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Unknown said...

that is TRULY amazing. I would totally try to do something like that- but I have no idea where to take them?? How would you find something like that out exactly?

Heather said...

Such a cool idea! Our country would be so much better off without the "gotta have it now, let me grab my credit card" mentality. Looks like this couple has the right idea going for them.

Anonymous said...

Do it the real old fashioned way: SAVE. Sacrifice. Don't buy more stuff.

Let the City collect the revenue to help cover the cost it incurs every other week to conveniently collect your cans at your curb.

Help increase the City's recycling rate. Don't steal their revenue. When recycling is not economical, programs get cut. Metals are at an all time high.

Don't ruin it for the rest of us. If rates are low, curbside gets cut.

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