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Friday, October 24, 2008

Serving Drinks at the Ceremony

Over at Snippet & Ink there's a lovely photo of fresh lemonade that was served right before a wedding ceremony. (Photo courtesy of Kella MacPhee).

If you're already stressed about all the details, ignore this post! The last thing I want to do is jump on the you-should-obsess-about-this-detail-to-make-your-wedding-even-more-perfect bandwagon.

Honestly, this is a totally unnecessary "touch." I just happen to enjoy it. I first experienced it at a very fancy indoor wedding. As we entered, the caterers handed us some Arnold Palmers (i.e., iced-tea mixed with lemonade).

Matt and I decided we wanted to do the same thing for our outdoor ceremony (only minus the caterers). We opted for bottles of root beer and water (which were recycled after the ceremony). We purchased them in bulk at Sam's Club, kept them cold in the refrigerators in our cabins at the reception site, and borrowed coolers from the innkeepers at the reception site to transport them to the reception site.

We asked our dear friend, Marie, to be responsible for getting them to and from the ceremony site. She gladly volunteered and actually appreciated the opportunity to greet everyone at the ceremony with, "Would you like a drink?"

If we had had more money, I would have opted for Izze drinks in glass bottles. Yum!

Do you have any other ideas for serving drinks at ceremonies?

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Anonymous said...

If we have enough money leftover I plan on getting Izze's and old fashioned stewarts sodas in the glass bottles.

I'm also thinking of renting a snowcone machine so that people can have snow cones before the ceremony to cool off. (We'll be getting married outdoors in August- it may be a hot one.) For $50 why not?!

jen said...

Does anyone know where I can get a nice lemonade service jug like the one pictured for a reasonable price?

Hadeel said...

We're doing cans of soda because you can turn those in for .5 each to be recycled.

@Jen - Target! They have those (Not quite as fancy) for about $15 each. They're a pretty good investment, I'd think, if you have people over frequently.

Kaitlin Wainwright said...

for those of us who do not have Target...but love Target nonetheless, how would I search for this on their website??? thanks!

Kaitlin Wainwright said...

nm. they're called "beverage dispensers"...haha.

Becca said...

My dream wedding would include large jugs of white wine and red wine sangria (along with a non-alcoholic version for the kidds and non-drinkers). I lived in Spain for several years, and I would just love to have this instead of a standard cocktail hour. However, since it's going to be a pretty DIY affair, I'll have to carefully think about the logistics of this one before committing to the idea. It's high on my secondary list of priorities, however.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Mmmm...sangria! Rebecca, you should go for it. It tastes better if it's made a day or two before anyway, isn't it? Just recruit a few friends to take charge of the whole process and you'll be good to go!

Angel said...

We used a combination of galvanized buckets (Walmart) filled with bottled sodas (and even threw in a few weird ones for people to try) and then had two large glass jars (Walmart) with ladels for punch and lemonade. We also had coffee and sparkelling cider. We used the buckets for everyone else's weddings and parties and then used the two glass jars for flower and sugar in our kitchen after the wedding.

Classic Hostess said...

I got mine at www.classichostess.com. It was a real hit. I put in one sangria and the other lemonade. everyone was ooohing and aaaahing! I send them to classic hostess they have a large variety of drink dispensers!

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