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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Socially-Conscious and Eco-Friendly Centerpieces

Reader Rebecca just sent a brilliant idea for centerpieces that are truly good for the Earth: gift baskets that would be donated to food banks after the wedding.

The idea came from reminiscing about her Bat Mitzvah centerpieces:

"I worked with my Mom to make food donation baskets! We painted the baskets in dusky rose and silver (sigh, my 13-year old color palette preference) filled them with canned food items, wrapped them in cellophane and ribbon, attached a note saying where the food was going, and voila!"

She continues:

"For a wedding, I'd probably go with something 'prettier' and stay away from non-eco friendly cellophane, but still. I was thinking maybe wrapping the cans and jars individually with pretty papers or simple ribbon, and maybe mixing them in with old tin-can vases for a similar stylistic impact (a la Style-for-Style). For shelters that accept fresh fruit, that's also a centerpiece option (not all do). Besides the charity impact and the waste reduction impact, using non-floral/non-perishable centerpieces would undoubtedly cut down on day-of stress about decor (flower shopping, transporting and arranging! ack!). For the less aesthetically inclined and DIY-impaired, I also found this charity that rents centerpieces in return for a charity donation."

These ideas are great. I love the prospect of infusing a traditionally aesthetic element of a wedding with true sentiment and meaning. I'm sure you could easily do it in a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing way. Plus, I'm always inspired by decor that will have a second life beyond the wedding. Way to reuse!

Editor's Note: I meant what I said in an early post about pushing ourselves to not obsess about details. For example, Matt and I decided that centerpieces were not within our budget or our mental capacity, and yet our guests still had a great time. However, I do think it's important to feature more eco-friendly and socially-conscious options for those folks who are opting for centerpieces.

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Alison said...

oh my gosh!!! I am SO doing that!! I have been stressing about what to have on the table (because my mother said "absolutely not" to "ummm... napkins?) and just couldn't stomache the thought of spending a bunch on flowers that will just be pitched out, but your post was BRILLIANT!

I'm thinking about buying one canned good for each guest at the wedding and making a "mini sculpture" out of them on each table. And then paint a couple of empty cans to place a bloom or two next to the sculpture. Maybe a candle too, because, well, I heart candles a lot. Seriously, THANK YOU!

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hooray! I'm glad someone is actually doing it.

Please, please send photos of your execution. I can't wait to see it.

(And thank you to reader Becca for great ideas!)

montreal florist said...

It's special idea. Great and Beautiful!!

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