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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two New Wedding Movies

Two new wedding movies are hitting the scene later this year and into the beginning of next year. I'm fascinated by pop culture renditions of weddings because they serve dual purposes. First, they reflect trends in our society and culture. They hold up a mirror and give us deeper insight into ourselves. Secondly, they actually shape those trends by reinforcing notions of what's "normal" and "average."

The first movie, Rachel Getting Married, is a complex look at family, relationships, and marriage. It comes out on December 5, and you can watch trailer here.

Bride Wars is a more cliched look at weddings. Two close friends become staunch enemies when they come into conflict over planning their weddings. The film comes out on January 9, and you can watch the trailer below.

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1 comment:

nikkimatt said...

hmm...looks like anne hathaway better be careful or she's only gonna get cast in wedding movies! rachel getting married is supposed to be very good, the other one looks like it'll be on dvd in no time..

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