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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Home for the Holidays

Oi vey.

Holidays can be tricky when you're in a committed relationship.

Matt is a family boy. The thought of not being home for a major holiday (plus several weekends throughout the year) is unfathomable to him.

I pretty much only spend Christmas with my family. I talk to them regularly, but ever since college, I've spent the majority of my time traveling whenever I get any time off.

Plus, my best friend and I have two important traditions: We do something cool together on Thanksgiving, and we always spend New Year's together.

Oi vey.

We've got a plan for this year (although I'm not sure if it's a sustainable one).

Here it is:

Thanksgiving: Matt and I are driving from Houston to Bloomington, IN (so we can bring Hoss with us and have a car). Andy is flying from Florida to Indiana and he and I are renting a cabin so we can have our very own writer's retreat. Matt is going to stay with his family, but we will all eat together on Thanksgiving.

Christmas: Again, Matt and I are driving a long distance--this time to my family in Florida. We will spend Christmas Eve and half of Christmas day with my family. Then we will jump on a plane and fly to Indiana to spend some time with Matt's family. Then we will fly back to Florida to spend New Year's with Andy.

Oi vey.

I'm actually very excited about the trips. I'm just a little wary of getting completely worn out from all the bouncing around. It's tough stuff to figure out!

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Anonymous said...

This is such tough stuff. I'm really big on family and I've always spent xmas with my parents. But we just found out my partner doesn't get any time off work and there's no way she can go home for just a day, and obviously I can't leave her alone, so we have a lot to figure out too!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! It is hard to figure out. We sort of agreed to spend Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas with mine, but I still feel like some people feel left out. But they are about 80 miles away, so we really can't manage to do both.

Becca said...

This is my first Thanksgiving with his family. As excited as I am to share the holiday with them, I'm also mourning the loss of my traditions (including 8 homebaked pies and a rowdy party with my parents and our extended urban family.) We're doing Christmas with my family - they're Jewish, so the Thanksgiving/Christmas split actually works smoothly. But it's still really hard to say goodbye to my own history and incorporate his, however great it will be to spend time with his family.

Also, I'm not really looking forward to Thanksgiving flights from LA to Houston from here on out. But at least I don't have your schedule, Sara!

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