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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recap of Matt's Birthday Party

I've been super-busy with work and traveling and haven't had much time to do a recap of Matt's birthday.

In the final hours before he got home from work on Friday, I was frantically trying to finish his birthday shirt and prepare snacks to serve at his soccer game.

I somehow managed to find a used shirt (for a mere $8!) and sew on the applique with enough time to make a sign for the soccer game and the snacks.

Unfortunately, Matt arrived home an hour early. Aack! When I saw his car pull up, I quickly grabbed all the snacks, ran to the bedroom, and hid them under the bed. Luckily, a few minutes later, he went into our neighbor's backyard for a conversation, and I had a brief [stressful!] moment to transfer the snacks to the car.

After telling several lies, I somehow managed to keep the whole surprise party under wraps.

On Saturday, I surprised him with the shirt and card right when he woke up. Then we trekked to our favorite restaurant for breakfast and walked off all our food by hiking through the arboretum. We piddled around for a few hours and then went bowling. Our friends surprised Matt with their presence and presents. They were the best.

Next we cheered Matt on during his soccer game (and indulged in the yummy snacks--Terra chips, cream cheese covered with mango/peach salsa, brownies with melted chocolate and Snicker bits on top, chocolate covered pretzels, and Izze drinks).

Then it was off to Star Pizza for dinner and Amy's Ice-Cream for dessert. Different friends joined us for different pieces of the celebration, so it was kind of like a revolving surprise party.

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Angel said...

Cool! Oh, and I wanted to pass along something I did for Eric's birthday a few years ago.

We spent most of the day out of the house, so I mailed (before we had a computer)a note asking everyone we knew to call and leave a message for Eric on our answering machine. When we got back that night, it was full! It was his favorite part of the day listening to all of the wishes.

Yivinns said...

Is anyone noticing that Matt looks like he's sporting a sundress in the first photo? ^_^

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