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Friday, November 7, 2008

TLC Looking for Unique and Heartwarming Wedding Stories

Hmm...I hesitate to blog about wedding reality TV opportunities or contests to "win your wedding" because they sometimes seem to trivialize the importance and gravity of such a commitment.

On the other hand, they sometimes pique my quirky and creative side. These kinds of opportunities occasionally feel like a really neat way to have a memorable wedding (that still has the potential to be meaningful) without going into debt.

So, without further waffling or ado, I present to you an interesting opportunity:

"TLC's 'Say Yes to the Dress' is kicking off its third season with a one-hour special featuring unique and heartwarming wedding stories, and we need your help. We'd like to hear your story and help you make your wedding exactly what you want. Is your wedding date in the next one to three months? Is your budget limiting what you'd really like to do, and you need help? Are you dealing with a challenging situation or a crisis that is affecting your plans? Has your venue fallen through and you're scrambling to find a new one? Have you found your dress? Did you find one...but it's not what you really want? Have you picked out your rings, or are you trying to do something special and different with them but don't know where to start? Having trouble locking in all the last-minute details? Would you love for a family member or friend to be part of your day, but they can't afford to travel? Are you and your fiance and/or family far apart and you're doing all the planning yourself? Are you eloping...but you secretly want your family to be there too? Are you already married but would like to renew your vows? Want to get married in NYC and need a dress, rings and venue--and you want to do it as soon as possible? These are just some of the stories we'd like to tell. What's yours? Is there something special or different about you or your relationship that you'd like to share? Send us your story at sayyesspecial@yahoo.com."

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