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Friday, December 5, 2008

Chunky Oatmeal

It's cold outside. And gray.

It's time for oatmeal:
  1. Chopped apple
  2. Dried cranberries
  3. Raw pumpkin seeds
  4. Sliced raw almonds
Bowl courtesy of the Empty Bowls Luncheon in Tampa, FL, that raises money to fight hunger.

From their website:
Over a thousand guests share in a simple meal of soup and bread that signifies the plight of the hungry just prior to Thanksgiving. Guests take away an "Empty Bowl" memento created by local schoolchildren, and can also bid on bowls and pottery donated by professional artists and offered in a silent auction.

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Molly said...

That looks so good, I'm nearly drooling! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Yum! You've inspired me to try fresh apples with my oatmeal. Thanks for sharing!

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