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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Deciding How to Spend Your Wedding Time

I've been sifting through lots of photos as I frantically pull together wedding books to give to our families for the holidays.

Although I like looking at photos from the ceremony and reception, I also love looking at all the photos of quality time we got to spend with friends and family before the wedding.

First there was the picnic with my family (which felt like it was on top of the world). I was with my brother when he touched snow for the first time (we slid down a hill on our butts--very wet!). That night, we stayed with Matt's mom.

The next day, Matt and I went our separate ways. He spent time with his mom in the morning and his crazy-fun friends in the afternoon. I went horseback riding with my family in the morning and spent the afternoon playing board games and eating dinner with the early arrivers.

I'm reminded of how important it is for us to be intentional about how we allocate our time during our weddings.

Our time is precious and how we choose to spend it will determine what kind of feel our day has (e.g., stressful or relaxed), as well as what kind of memories we take away from our weddings.

It's easy to let external demands dictate how we spend our day. For example, the photographs may need to be taken at x time and the hairstylist may want you at y time. You may feel pulled between spending time with family and spending time with friends.

But truly, we get to decide how to spend our time--and with whom. We just have to make the decision about how to structure our time before the decision is made for us.

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AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

I like this post... and i like that you remind us, that we do have control over our own day, the time we spend, the attitude we have, the love we share...

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