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Saturday, December 20, 2008

DIY: How to Make a Flower Pin

If you have to pull together some last-minute gifts (like I do!), here's an idea: make your own felt flower pin. (Or, you can win one for free by entering this contest by Monday).

Felt is such an inexpensive and easy-to-work-with material. Here's a list of everything you need for this project:
  1. Felt (I used three different colors)
  2. Two buttons (or you could go with any other number). P.S. It makes it easier if both buttons have only two holes each, but you can work around anything. In the example above, one button had four holes and the other had two.
  3. A pin back
  4. Embroidery thread (or yarn or regular thread, depending on the look you're going for). I recommend embroidery thread because it's nice and strong.
  5. A needle (big enough to handle the thread you're using.
Step One: Cut out your felt pieces. See below:

I decide which color I want in the back, middle, and front, and then I cut out shapes of different sizes. My front color is the smallest, while my middle and back piece tend to be approximately the same size. The possibilities are endless. And felt is very forgiving. You can easily trim lopsided pieces later (or leave them lopsided!). Or if you screw the whole thing up, you can start with another 30-cent piece.

Step Two: Set up your three pieces on top of each other with your buttons in place.

Step Three: Place the pin back on the back of your flower and pass your thread and needle through the felt pieces and the buttons. See below:

Pass the needle through a hole in the pin back and up through the button hole on the other side. It may take some wriggling to get it in the right spot.

Step Four: Bring the needle down through the other button hole and back through the pin hole. See below:

Step Five: Tie both sides of the thread together a couple times to make a strong knot. See below:

Step Six: Keep passing the needle up through the pin hole and button hole and then down through the other button hole and the other pin hole. Continue until the pin feels secure.

I finished off the present by pinning it to a card. Voila! A cheap and easy gift (for yourself or others).

If you want to skip steps 1-6, click here to sign up for the free giveaway!

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Anonymous said...

Super easy! And adorable as well!


Unknown said...

oh, this is totally adorable!!

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