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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Download a Free Font

There's so much talk on wedding websites about farming out invitations to be hand-addressed by someone else.

The truth is--in this day and age--anyone can make up for their less-than-ideal handwriting by using a computer. And it's cheaper!

I came across this free font and thought I would pass it along. It would look really cool on Save the Dates or invitations. You can download it here.

If you need help installing it on your computer after you've downloaded it, go here.

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Angel said...

I used a printer and did the same thing with a basic script font. I even figured out how to put our return address on the back. Sure it took a while to do each envelope with our little printer, but I didn't have to buy labels and I didn't have to pay someone to do the writing for me. It's a win-win as far as I'm concerned.

DCKate said...

i told my mom we were just going to print labels for the invitations, and you would have thought i told her i wanted a destination wedding in antarctica.

i have much educating to do. sigh.

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ DCKate: What about printing the addresses directly on the envelope? Would that be less offensive?

Unknown said...

I printed addresses directly on the envelopes for our save-the-dates! they turned out great! see here:

Our Save-the-dates

AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

I love dafont.com - my girlfriend made her own destination wedding invites using the barcode font, flower font, and scriptina fonts... it was awesome! :)

Autumn said...

No one I know has nice handwriting so I'm planning on using a fancy font to print our addresses on the invites too-- I used our Christmas cards as a test run in case it was horribly difficult or my printer wouldn't cooperate. It worked great (yep, even on the back for return addresses!) and my fiance was so impressed. I did them while he was traveling for work and he came home and said, "you did those yourself? on OUR printer?!?!?!"

Anonymous said...

We can all use this kind of information. Thanks so much!

megan said...

i actually found a beginner's calligraphy kit at hobby lobby, on clearance for $20. since i have a year before the wedding, i have plenty of time to practice. i'm already doing better than i expected. caligraphy pens are awesome! a little pratice can go a long way.

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