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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recycled Wedding Rings on a Budget

I love surprise money.

I just got an email from greenKarat--the company that made our wedding rings--informing us that a friend of ours had donated more old gold, which gave us another $47.32 in credit.

Our rings originally cost $1375. Then our friends and family donated their old gold (which was recycled into our rings) and brought the total down to $157. With the new credit, that means our rings only cost $109.68. Good deal!

I love when things are good for the environment and the budget.

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Anonymous said...

One of the best parts about this is that you can now revise your total wedding budget, which means that you actually came in under the mark! Hurrah! :)

Anonymous said...

On second thought, I seem to remember something about your rings not being part of the total budget? I should think before I speak. :)

Either way, good deal!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and creative ideas.I recycle,upcycle wedding accessories.I just started a new blog.

Gail at Large said...

I think that's fantastic! I am a new reader to your blog, a photographer who wants to promote budget weddings and wants to build a different sort of business model around this. There are many people who simply can't afford the average photography rates, and I want to make it photography affordable for more people.

Our wedding rings were made from melting down the yellow gold from my husband's grandmother's rings (he was very close to her) and used the diamonds for our rings. The money from the yellow gold was used to buy the white gold in our rings. My husband and I designed our rings together with our wedding theme (Art Nouveau) and submitted the illustrations electronically to the jeweller in a vector format.

Tragically, my husband died of cancer two months after we were married, but three years later, I still wear our rings. They are, as you can imagine, very special to me.

Renee said...

Do you have an idea on how much gold was donated to bring down the price that much? We'd like to use greenKarat, but it still looks to be too pricey.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi Renee,

I'm not sure how much gold was donated. I know that eleven people donated (see this post: http://2000dollarwedding.com/2008/05/ring-orders-are-in.html plus my colleague Kim). I think most of them only donated one or two things.

I sent an e-mail out to everyone I know trying to get them to donate and posted about it on Facebook. I was really trying to get the total cost down! (Plus it was fun to have everyone's history melted and melded into mine).

Sorry I can't be more helpful. Good luck!

Becca said...

Renee - check around a bit. More and more jewelers are offering recycled gold options. You can find bigger names by googling and also looking around places like etsy. This jeweler has me swooning right now about her moissanite and recycled gold and silver rings! http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=72427

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