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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Request

A while back, I sent out a request for generous folks who would be willing to offer up their time to provide feedback on chapters of the 2000 Dollar Wedding book I'm working on. And some of you kindly responded.

Since I diligently try to keep my inbox clean--per the suggestion of David Allen and co.--I promptly added your e-mail addresses to a list in my action plan and deleted the messages.

And then a few days later my computer restarted itself without my consent (what's with Vista?) and didn't autosave my action plan.


So here I am again, humbly asking you to send me another message letting me know you're interested in providing feedback on a chapter or two of the book.

Thank you!

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Princess Christy said...

I didn't volunteer last time, but would gladly read and help (I read quick, so as long as you aren't pressed for time, I can do more than a few)

Ashley said...

I didn't volunteer either, but I'm a writer and a big fan of your blog. I'd be in for giving feedback.


EliandMe said...

I offered but then didn't leave my e-mail address, oops, anyway its mickeydoo73@yahoo.co.uk.


Catfish said...

Editing is a passion of mine - ask my co-workers. I'd love to look at some chapters, though I didn't volunteer previously.

My email: catfishcatlin@aol.com

And I totally agree, a clean e-mail inbox is a thing of beauty.

Pichchenda Bao said...

Hi Sara,

I just started reading your blog a couple months ago, but I'm happy to help with your book. My e-mail is pichchenda dot bao at gmail.com. Hope it all goes well.

Ms Bear Cub said...

Hi Sara,
I'd be more than happy to help you out!
my email is
a w id hal m (at) gmail (no crazy spaces)

Chica de mente ocurrente said...

Hi Sara! I want to read the book too! please send me your book to karina_y_alan@hotmail.com

Kate Wells said...

I'm happy to help. And I'm a librarian with experience in editing if that helps. katefafa at gmail.com

Shauna Pollock said...

I'd also be happy to help. I'm an English Lit grad with passion for cheap weddings and punctuation!

Yee haw!


Rachael Eisner said...

Hey! if you still need help, I love to read and am creative, and my fiance is EXCELLENT with grammar/punctuation/spelling (he even corrects his mother).


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