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Friday, January 9, 2009

A Couple Who Runs to the Beat of Their Own Drum

I love to see couples defying expectations and limitations (their own, their families', society's) and having a wedding their own way.

This couple got married on a training run:
Yvonne and I met at an Incline Club workout so it was only logical (to us anyway :-) that we get married at an Incline Club workout. So during an otherwise normal Sunday long run we took a break at the first scenic overlook in Waldo Canyon. 59 people and 8 dogs ran 4 to 9 miles depending on which way they went to get to the overlook. Parents and more friends opted to drive to the trailhead and take a shorter 1/2 mile hike bringing the total to 96 bipeds and 10 quadrupeds.
When I think back to the criticism we got while planning our wedding ("What? You're self-catering? Are you crazy?" or "Only $2,000? That's a nice goal but I doubt it can be done." or "You're not doing a traditional cake-cutting ceremony? Seriously?"), I can only imagine the kind of criticism this couple got.

It can be hard to go your own way when planning a wedding. I'm still a firm believer in the idea that our weddings should be our weddings, not anyone else's. Yes, I wanted our families to enjoy themselves and be comfortable (and Matt and I tried to make some decisions in that vein). But at the end of the day, our preferences and quirkiness got to outweigh anyone else's.

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Kristina G. said...

I ran a half-marathon in September and I thought it was so cute to see one woman running in a white top and veil followed by her three friends in matching outfits. That is real torture that a bride puts her bridesmaids through. I can't say whether the bride got married when they crossed the finish line or if that was just her bachelorette party, but it sure was unique.

Anonymous said...

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