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Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm Back (and I Missed You!)

Wow. It's been a while. Funny how time can slow down and fly by simultaneously!

I am very close to being back to my normal life. Matt and I are currently in Baton Rouge, participating in the First Annual Best New Year's Ever (a day of crafting, writing, reflecting, snacking, and playing foosball).

We arrived yesterday, on our way back from my family's house in Florida. We spent Christmas with my family. I also met up with my best college friends, Andy and Paul, for a day of miniature golf and New Year's reflection.

The holidays were a little crazy (as evidenced by the photo at the top). I saved too much stuff until the last minute. I made cloth napkins and magnets and photo collages and cloth to use as wrapping paper. I've decided that I need to start thinking about presents much earlier in the year. It will give me time to put more time and energy into them.

My other goals for 2009 include:
  • Live a balanced life (as measured by an A or B in all areas on my monthly reflection form)
  • Send real birthday cards to all my friends
  • Sell at least 1,000 copies of my book (a half-memoir, half-how-to-handbook about how to tie the knot in a meaningful and memorable way without losing your sanity or your life savings) once I self-publish it
  • Live my mission statement on a daily basis
  • Learn how to solve relationship conflict in a win-win way
  • Update www.2000dollarwedding.com daily and http://saracotner.wordpress.com at least five times a week
  • Follow my plan for professional development (which is essentially a syllabus of everything I want to learn about education)
  • Follow my plan for starting a school
  • Read at least six self-help books
  • Read at least twelve novels
  • Do yoga an average of three times a week
  • Run an average of four times a week
  • Average at least a 6 on my consulting feedback forms
I'm excited to head into the new year (although I believe that change happens in small ways on a day to day basis, not on arbitrary days like January 1).

I hope all is well with you!

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Anonymous said...

holy goals list batman! that's tremendous! i'm totally blown away by the amount of writing you want to get done - i totally think it's do-able, it's just incredible!

good luck to your goals, and have a wonderful new year!

Hannah said...

Holy crap that's a big list!!

Marina said...

I'm so excited to buy your book whenever you publish it! :)

zoliepup said...

I'm with you on the yoga practice!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

I like your "send real birthday cards"... i think i may try that one too :)

PS. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and can't wait to see what's in store for 2009 :)


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful list! I will use this as inspiration for my own yet-as-created 2009 list. I'd love to hear more about your monthly reflection process.

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ Sara: On a monthly basis, I try to sit down and compose a reflection e-mail to my closest friends. I go through each category that's on the new year's form. Last year, I only did it in January and February (ugh!). So, the reflection for Feb. is below (just one category). The first letter grade is the current month, and the second grade is the previous month. I let it accumulate, so I can track my progress throughout the year (and reflecting at the end of the year is much easier).

Work Life: A, B
JAN: Things are going well. I've been doing a better job with my position at KIPP Sharpstown prep. I'm also staying to committed to my students, even though I don't really want to be there. I'm still making new materials and tutoring after school. I've also started to take more of a leadership role by facilitating the creation of curriculum documents for our school. I'm also thinking ahead to next year. I've applied for jobs, been talking to people on the phone, and doing a lot of reflecting.
FEB: I'm still doing an okay job with my KIPP stuff. I've just felt really blah about my teaching. Also, I haven't been doing much professional stuff outside my blah job. That's the frustrating part. But I did do really well at my Montessori training, and my kids are doing well at school.
Goals for next month:
1. Secure my spot at the KIPP Summit.
2. Start working on a book of lesson plans for building community.
3. Submit an article to Montessori Life.
4. Submit a workshop proposal for the Montessori conference in the fall.

IslandGirl said...

Yipes, Your goal list makes mine look unsubstantial!
I thoroughly enjoy your blog and I wish you the best in 2009!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your monthly reflection process, Sara! A very inspiring idea.

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