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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Other Side of Wedding Photography

Sometimes wedding photography bugs me. The more photos I see of the bouquets or the centerpieces or the table settings or the bride's shoes, the more I start to focus on these things and the more important they seem.

But a wedding is not in the constructed details. A wedding is in the emotion, the action, the passion, the laughter, the excitement, the connection, the fun.

Thanks to reader Rachel for sharing this link to Divine Caroline's collection of memorable wedding photos. Although some of them are downright scary (a gun at a wedding?), a lot of them are really intimate and fun.

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Authentically U said...

OMG! Those are hilarious!

Emilia Jane said...

These are AMAZING! I especially love "Aunt Helen" hula hooping on the dance floor!

Marina said...

Wow. Now I'm really wondering about the bridal lecture hall one--is that a diagram of the places the bridesmaids will be standing up on the whiteboard? I guess with that many bridesmaids you've got to go to somewhat extreme lengths to get everybody to the right place at the right time, but... wow.

And now I totally want to find some hulahoops. :)

Mrs. Andi said...

All of those pictures are hilarious! I love the dog sitting on the dress...I could see our cats curling up on the new texture & taking a nap!

Anonymous said...

the WIC says i need to spend about $1500 on wedding photos...hm. or i'll just use my connections through flckr, and another friend of mine who is a freelance photographer and save well over a thousand dollars. i LOVE photojournalistic style photos, and that one with the kids sleeping is adorable. :)

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