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Friday, January 23, 2009

Recycled Metal Wedding Rings

I have a growing list of rings-that-never-were. In other words, rings that I would want if I needed another wedding ring.

I love this ring from mcfarland DESIGNS on Etsy. It's made from recycled metal (and it's vegan). And it's only $148.50.

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Anonymous said...

I made it through your entire blog over the last few days and just wanted to comment on it.

I love it! This is my goal for my impending wedding. Originally, I was shooting for $1000, which could maybe be done at McDonald's, but seeing how you struggled with $2000, we might be able to do that ballpark. We live in an area that has higher expenses, but we're pretty frugal from day to day. Like you, we've been together a long time, and have been living together since last summer. We do as much as possible to not spend extraneous $ and we're pretty environmentally friendly. We live across the street from our grocery store, everything else we need is within a mile, and I take a bus to work. My boyfriend's commute's been cut in half.

We chose where we lived based on these factors. I see no reason why the same dedication can't be applied to a wedding and here someone's done it! Your story is great inspiration and thanks for sharing.

I might be dragging on a bit too long here... :)

-Sarah (with an h)

Becca said...

Oh my. I've been drooling over these recycled rings for ages now. Especially the moissanite rings and the yellow sapphire band. When we start planning the ring part of the wedding, if she has recycled white gold, I'm there.

Miss Smith said...

Wow I love this blog, I love how you are refusing to accept the zillions-of-dollars expectations of weddings. We did the same thing for our wedding- we spent $3500 New Zealand dollars- and we had a really fantastic day.

melissa said...

This ring is gorgeous. I love the idea of recycled rings.

love-v said...

I know that the original metal for this ring may not be recycled, but the idea is something I thought you would like.


A good friend told me about this artist and the idea for the everchanging ring seemed really cool.

More shots here:

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous. A friend of mine and her fiance made their wedding rings taking a metal-smithing class, which is another cool option.

One question - excuse my ignorance, but what kind of ring is NOT vegan? What kind of animal parts are used in metal or gold rings???

Anonymous said...

is it necessary to buy recycle wedding ring? People in budget can also buy titanium ring at low price


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