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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Used Items: Better for the Budget, the Environment, and the Soul

Photo courtesy of Lovely Morning

Kristina of Lovely Morning fame was talking about her fabulous succulent centerpieces again.

I love that she patiently amassed an amazing collection of vintage pottery in order to make her vision a reality.

I find that my sense of satisfaction is so much deeper and sincere when I procure things patiently.

First there was the crock pot that I insisted on buying used (since it's one of those things that people use once--or get as a gift and never use--and then want to get rid of).

Recently, there was the Bocce Ball set. I had been scouring craigslist to no avail. Finally, I did a national search (even though I didn't really want to increase my carbon footprint by having something shipped).

It turned out that someone was selling a Bocce Ball set in Dallas. Coincidentally, I was traveling to Dallas a week later. I quickly e-mailed the sellers and convinced them to hold it for me.

Score! I ended up with a $50 Bocce Ball set for a mere $20. They never even used it (it was a wedding gift).

My patience was better for my budget and the environment.

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1 comment:

EmilyAnn said...

I love stories like this! My fiance had been looking for a road bike but did not want to shell out big bucks for it. About a month after he started looking his uncle offered him his old bike for free! Yay for recycling and saving!

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