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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alleviating the Effects of Stress

In terms of alleviating the effects of stress, I think there are two ways to go about it:
  1. Making time for things that you have to do in order to decrease your stress (for me those things include exercising, cleaning the house, cooking regular meals, etc.)
  2. Making time for things that you want to do (for me those things include reading a book, going for a walk, catching up with friends, watching a movie, etc.)
I've been doing better with #1 and I'm trying to work on #2. Hoss and I went for a walk in The Arboretum, which we haven't done in ages. It was lovely. (Those of you who are Houston-haters probably didn't know we had such beautiful tress?)

P.S. Hoss isn't wearing a muzzle; it's a Gentle Leader. It keeps him from pulling on the leash (yet another tool for helping me alleviate stress!).

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lovejustice said...

People always think my dog is wearing a muzzle when he wears his gentle lead. It has definitely saved me some stress!

CaitStClair said...

I compare it to a horse halter. :-)

Laura Slater said...

If you find that Hoss is still pulling with the Gentle Leader I'd reccomend the Canny Collar www.cannyco.com.

It might look similar to the GentleLeader/Halti, but is infinitely better! I use it for my pup and because it has similar looks, people always think she's muzzled as well. :)

christina said...

great post. i am so with you on both #1 & #2!!!

love the gentle leader, we've trained many a dogs with it!

Brandy said...

Great post! My dog is part scent hound! The joys of hounds!
I definately have to work on #1..I never thought about those things in that way. I'm always doing #2 to avoid doing #1!
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Ms Bear Cub said...

Gentle Leader? Say Wha?? That sounds awesome! There's not much in the way of "be kind to your dogs" equipment where I live - do you know of an online distributor for dog stuffs (for nice owners)? Maybe someplace unlike www.elitek9.com ? Would you believe our dog trainer tells us to hit our dog? And our vet scoffed when we wanted to get him fixed? MADNESS!

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