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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Contest: Enter Your Handmade Invitations

I'm judging a contest over at Do-It-Yourself Invitations. You can submit a photo of your invitations--along with a tutorial--in order to put yourself in the running for five prizes (my favorite of which is a custom wedding poster--see examples below).

Here are the details:

Submit a picture of your handmade wedding invitations along with a brief tutorial or explanation on how you made them and any special products or techniques that you used. All entries will become a separate page on this site for others to see and learn from. Make sure and tell your friends and family to check it out and vote on your entries.

The Rules

  • Your contest entry must be completely original and your own work.

  • Invitation made from DIY kits are not eligible.

  • All entries must have an explanation or tutorial on how it was made. The point is to inspire others. Try to include the tools you used, papers and brands, and any other tips you may have.

  • The deadline for entries is May 31st, 2009 at midnight EST. A winner will be chosen by June 9th. The winners will be notified by email.

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zoliepup said...

The timing is perfect! We should have something to show you in the next month or so!

the un-bride said...

Ooh -- I can't wait! As soon as I have my little beauties ready to go, I'll be sending in a pic.

MorganRae said...

I am excited to enter my invitations. They won't be done until right before that time. Will you post about this again and remind me to enter them? Please and thanks!

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