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Friday, February 27, 2009

DIY: Fabric Recommendations

One of my friends is making an apron and a tablecloth to give away as prizes at her wedding shower, and she asked me for fabric recommendations.

I figured I would share my recommendations with all of you as well!

I love Repro Depot for vintage-inspired fabrics. Their inventory is constantly changing, and they have lots of neat stuff (see above).

I also like a lot of Amy Butler's stuff (see design boards below).

I also love collecting and sewing with vintage fabrics. It just takes more patience finding the perfect ones.

What are your sources for fabric?

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Sarah said...

While I do love Jo-Ann's for fabric and Wal-Mart for their cheap fabric, I also like going to Goodwill and getting a large ugly outfit that has an awesome pattern and using that. An apron should be easyish to make from some sort of simple dress. Tablecloth not so much. Maybe an old bedsheet?

I've never ordered fabric online because it's so tactile. How are shipping costs for fabric?

-Sarah H.

Fall Wedding Bride said...

That is a really neat idea!! ..

sneffik said...

Hey! For cheap and unique fabric I always hit thrift stores. Old bed sheets come in really pretty patterns. I've made some nice things from old bedsheets. As much as Wal-Mart is the devil, their fabric is VERY cheap.

And as much as I love Amy Butler, she's so dern expensive...

I'm not sure how their prices are, but try Spoonflower. You can have fabric custom printed. Heck yeah!!

Christine said...

Purlsoho.com also has some great prints... similar selection to repro depot & if you ever get a chance to visit their store in Manhattan you won't regret it!

ps- Love the idea of giving away an apron and tablecloth at the shower!

Anonymous said...

ebay! for my fiance's quilt, i found a lot of unique nautical fabrics there. i supplemented them with solids from our local quilt store.

Lindsay said...

I use the Fabric Shoppe on etsy. The price per yard is reasonable and she always has good combos, etc.

born to fete said...

I'm partial to Fat Quarter World (.com)... because I work there! But I can honestly say we have a huge selection, including Amy Butler.. and good prices! Another good resource is The Fabric Shopper (.blogspot.com). She has a great listing of shops and their blogs!

born to fete said...

OH, I forgot to mention Super Buzzy (.com), if you love japanese prints, they are a must!

Ms Bear Cub said...

ooooo so pretty!!!

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