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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DIY: How to Make a Photo Booth

My Retro Prom Birthday Party is right around the corner (March 7). The invitations are done, the RSVP blog is designed, and my dress is nearly finished. I still need to decide on the appetizers, signature cocktail, and the quasi-photobooth.

I say "quasi" because I'm clearly not going to spend thousands of dollars to rent a photobooth for my birthday party. I do, however, want people to have a chance to take "prom pictures" and to have fun.

Of course I did what I always do when I need inspiration: I turned to the internet. Here's what I came up with:

Fabric backdrops from Lena Corwin's wedding:

And then there's the addition of string lights and props from A Backyard Wedding (see below).

If I wanted to get all tech-saavy, I could build a real photobooth with instructions from Instructables:

And then there's this brilliant idea from evite to turn a corner of a room into a "photobooth." Ingenious! This process seems like the best way to create a more authentic photobooth feel without spending a crap-load of money.

Options, options...

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Hadeel said...

What great tips! Thanks so much!

And your party is on my actual Birthday!

Nicole said...

yay! this was one of the best things we did at our wedding. we kept it simple, and it was a huge hit.

details here:

and here:

set of photos from the booth here:

i definitely suggest lots of fun props!


cute post with great tips! :)

Sarah said...

Oh, these are great. I was thinking about playing around with Photobooth (the program that comes with Macbooks) to do something like this, but the internet has done it already! Awesome and thanks for the tips and links!
-Sarah H.

Anonymous said...

We are totally going to have a photo area at our reception. Our venue is an underground cave with only candles and fairylights so the lighting is less than idea for photography. So I'm hiring a floodlight and setting up a small area that will be brightly lit. I'm thinking of adding a box of fun props too like top hat, feather boa, maybe even a veil.

Nina B. said...

I'll say it too: this is great! I've been brainstorming how to do this at an event I'm planning for work. The catch: we can't tack or tape anything to the walls. I'm thinking some PVC pipes and fabric.

Fall Wedding Bride said...

Oh how fun! A prom photo shoot.. That is a cool idea!
Thanks for sharing!

Jasmine said...

Thanks for the info! This will have to marinate for awhile before I come up with something brilliant. Thanks again, big help.

Hannah said...

That looks like lots of fun!!

Anonymous said...

Too fun. I love the idea of adding funny props. Maybe you could slip a photo of each guest into the thank you cards.

.mssunshine. said...

I love this idea, it's fun and simple. I was thinking if you did this for your wedding, or any party really, you can have a deck of charade cards on the side and have guests act out the card for the camera. It would make for a lot of laughs. =] The pictures would look great in a scrapbook with the accompanying charade card along side them.

Vigorotaku said...

Great ideas!
Check out
for some examples of how I setup a photo booth at a recent wedding. (November 1st) It was using a black background in a bar setting. It was a real hit!

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