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Thursday, February 19, 2009

DIY: Make Your Own Engagement or Wedding Ring

Oh wow.

I haven't been this excited about something in a few weeks (thanks, Megan!).

The ring pictured above was made from a quarter. And there are step by step directions that you can follow to make your own at home (if you have some tools).

I am seriously impressed (and inspired!). I love how it's eco-friendly, budget-conscious, and hand-crafted all in one. Wow. I still can't get over it.

It's also practical. You don't hear a lot about choosing a practical engagement and/or wedding ring. I am a big fan of practical rings. I have a lot of other stuff on my mind, and the last thing I want to worry or think about is my ring. I want to put it on and keep it on. I don't want to have to take it off to cook or clean or hike or sleep or shower or garden. I want it on my finger but not in my way at all times. I don't want it to snag stuff or get stuff trapped in it. I want it to be flexible and adaptive to my lifestyle. I want it to be something I can wear while traveling in a developing nation.

This ring certainly fits that bill. I wish I had known about this sooner! Oh well, hopefully some of you will find this equally impressive and inspiring. (Megan, please let us know how yours comes out!)

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I love recycled stuff. I also don't want to have to worry about my ring. The only times I take my ring off is when I'm kneading dough or when I'm making burger patties by hand.

Anonymous said...

There's an 80-year old gentleman eBay who makes coin rings, and I think his son helps him post them. My fiance and I ordered two rings and were originally going to use them as our wedding rings, but I decided I wanted to do something different- but I still wear my ring all the time! I like how some of the rings he makes still has the year intact. The ring I bought says, "In God We Trust" on the inside. I kept thinking it would be cool to buy one in a year that was special to me and my fiance, but we finally ended up just ordering random rings in our size.


Ms Bear Cub said...

I made a wood engagement ring for my Mr. with my dad on his lathe. Rye loved it!! Unfortunately, 4 months later it broke when we were playing frisbee (who plays frisbee nicely???).

Sarah {Making Our Home} said...

My finace made my ring out of electrical wire. A lot of my friends were getting engaged a year or so ago and I was appalled by the cost of their engagement rings. It's great for them, but I just wasn't interested. I knew I didn't want a diamond or anything fancy. We started joking that he would make a ring out of a paperclip. Instead, he crafted it out of electrical wire and I love it. Other people don't get it, but I think it's perfect.

Maranda said...

I made one out of a 64. fifty cent piece. (Its easier to make because its made of silver). I used a spoon and a hammer to go around the edges. and drilled out the middle. then had a friend of mine use a bigger drill bit to file and buff the inside and outside. it still says " in god we trust" inside. I wear it all the time and everyone always asks me about it. Deff. a great idea!

A.P. said...

this is really sooo cool!

Anonymous said...

Pre-1964 quarters are silver, so those are ideal for this project if you can get ahold of them. I can't risk using coins because I have a severe nickel allergy, but I've recently become inspired to craft our wedding bands using silver scraps (mostly single earrings that I've loved) and some simple tools. You could also give silver clay a try too.

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