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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Photo courtesy Katie Evans via Kate Spade (thanks, Vilija!)

Happy Declare Your Love Day!

Matt and I managed to find a community service project that we might trek to today. Or we'll do our usual: run at Memorial Park, grab some yuminess from the Farmers' Market, and swing by our favorite vintage store just because. And we're going to a wedding tonight. Hooray!

I must finish my vintage dress...

And don't forget you can get a special heart-shaped pizza from Papa John's. It's fun to order one for a friend across the country and have it delivered to them. Seriously!

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Anonymous said...

This is very nice blog

kadler said...

I love that big heart! It would be an awesome valentine to receive (or give).

Can't wait to hear/see how the dress is coming along!

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