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Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Bridesmaid Days

It's fun to get Facebook messages that say, "You've been tagged in a photo!"

Maybe it's just my friends, but the photos always seem to be from events that happened many months ago, so it's a chance to reminisce.

My friend, Camella, just tagged me in this photo of all her bridesmaids. For her April wedding in Houston last year, she asked us to buy white dresses and send them to Lorna Leedy of Fancy Pony Land fame to do a little applique. I asked Camella if she would be okay if I did my own applique, since I was trying to save money for our own wedding and our house.

Camella got married at The Orange Show. She had a woman from a permaculture center do all her flowers, so most of them were in pots. After the wedding, they planted everything in their front and backyards.

You'll have to excuse my very cheesy expression in response to the photographer's very cheesy request!

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Color Me Green said...

What a fun idea to wear personalized applique! You guys look so cute! I like the wreaths too.

Marian said...

Fun fun! I love weddings. :D

I just received the brooch from Kumi and I wanted to thank you again for selecting me. It's beautiful!

Mary Cyrus said...

My aunt and uncle got married at the Orange Show as well! My Aunt sported long hair on one side and short on the other, with a veil cut to match. My uncle wore a bolo tie and peacock blue sport coat, a tuba played the wedding march, and their dog was the best man. Also, they had a massive explosion (unintentionally) at the reception. Good times.

Flower Arrangements said...

Your picture screams good times!

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