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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Planning an Extended Wedding Weekend

I recently came across some photos that my friend, Brent, took the day after Matt and I got married.

Because nearly all of our guests were from out of town, most of them packed up and took off after our communal breakfast (provided by the B&B) on Sunday morning. However, Brent and Amy had a later flight. After breakfast, we rummaged through the leftover reception food and packed a lunch for ourselves.

While Matt spent some time with his family, Brent, Amy, and I headed to the Rocky Mountain National Forest for a hike. It was lovely. We hiked and talked and laughed and picnicked and just breathed in the mountain air. We also took silly pictures of ourselves.

This picture brings back so many memories from our wedding weekend in July. We intentionally planned an extended wedding weekend so we could spend as much time as possible with our family and friends. On Wednesday we hiked with my family and spent Wednesday night with Matt's mom.

On Thursday, I went horseback riding with my family, while Matt went to Estes Park with his mom. That afternoon, we lunched with my family and then went our separate ways to spend time with our friends who arrived early. I played board games with my friends, while Matt went romping through the woods with his.

On Friday we ate a leisurely breakfast with our friends and then started our preparations for the Friday Welcome Picnic. Most everyone arrived by Friday night and we played games, had a swing dancing lesson, talked, tossed a football, soaked in the hot tub, cooked S'mores, and more.

On Saturday, we ate a communal breakfast, rehearsed our dance for the reception, ate lunch with close family, cooked our reception food, got married, and then spent the evening in myriad ways again, this time with the addition of raucous dancing on the patio.

It was exactly how Matt and I like to spend our time. It's true that a wedding can be whatever you want it to be. There are no set rules (except the few paperwork rules that the state mandates). The possibilities are as endless as the Colorado mountains.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like the funnest weekend ever! I hope to do something similar, with hiking, beaching, hanging around...

mimi said...

that's why i keep checking in with your blog. i need almost daily reminders that it can be what you want and not what you think it has to or should be.

Sharpiegirl said...

It looks like we're going to have a really long weekend wedding. Folks are going to start showing up on Thursday. CRAP!!!

Ms Bear Cub said...

we're having a wedding weekend at our (summer camp!) venue! It's going to be saturday night through monday night, though. I get the feeling that people feel better in general about taking thursday and friday off of work as opposed to monday?

Danielle said...

I totally agree. for our wedding we rented out a whole bunch of cabins about an hour out of sydney and all our friends/family came down for a couple of days, we swam, drank, ate so much food and just had a good time.

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