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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Small, Spontaneous Gifts

I think one of the reasons I have a hard time getting revved up about Valentine's Day is that I prefer to do smaller, spontaneous things for people throughout the year. Of course those things aren't mutually exclusive; you could certainly do both! I just find it easier to do things on my own schedule.

Example #1: A stack of chocolate bars from Whole Foods to thank a friend for his hospitality (I was at a charter school conference in Austin earlier in the week and stayed at his house). I used a real leaf for the tag. I simply used a hole punch to create a whole in the string, and I used a Sharpie to write directly on it. I tried to write: "Thanks for your hospitality!" but I kind of ran out of room and it ended up looking like "Thanks for your hospital." Oh well. It's the thought that counts, right?

Example #2: Ice-cream from Jason's Deli for Matt. I've been eating a lot of crap lately (even fast food, which I abhor!). I decided to get a healthy Spinach Veggie Wrap with fruit for dinner and then got a cup of their free ice-cream and decided to save it for Matt (which took a lot of will power because I love the milky ice cream they serve--it reminds me of college!).

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Katy said...

Oh man.. I love chocolate from Whole Foods.

I actually got that one on top the last time I was there.


Unknown said...

I love those chocolate bars, they sell them at the University I go to's book store. The poems are so cute.

Anonymous said...

what sweet sentiments these are!!

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