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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tacky? Nope. Just us.

I love this comment from Mary Lorraine on this post. I had to give it the attention it deserves:
We're having an $8/person burger buffet at our partially-covered outdoor reception on a public golf course. I'm totally excited about it! Burgers are delicious! We'll have 2 or 3 vegetarians invited and will likely have some veggie burgers or something of the sort set aside for them. If anyone feels it's tacky, that's their right, but I'm personally deleting that word from my vocabulary for our wedding. I'm looking forward to displaying my tattoo, feeding each other wedding pecan pie, and carrying a wheat bouquet I'll make months in advance for about $8. Tacky? Nope. Just us.
I especially love that last line: "Tacky? Nope. Just us."

That's exactly what we should strive for (in my opinion) when planning our weddings: Just us. And we should surround ourselves with guests who get that and appreciate it.

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AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

i love this ... it is a simple reminder that we all have different taste and different expressions of ourselves... the world would be a better place if we left that "tacky" judgment off to the side and tried to look at the meaning behind the act! Great post!

Anonymous said...

it's so strange that on so many articles i read people are concerned about what everyone will think. i guess i never intended to invite anyone who would judge us in the first place. nobody made it onto the guest list who gives me nervous tension. i'm all about what Sara has to say: this is your day. it's supposed to be about what makes YOU happy and display quirks that are unique to YOU, and not to grandma lil or great aunt viv or mom's second cousin twice-removed's neighbor's fiance.

my simple rule: if they don't know i'm dating someone, much less engaged, they're not on the invite list. this helps keep costs, AND opinions, down to a mangagable size.

Anonymous said...

Amen sister!

Kristle said...

I love this, its so true. Too bad I can't get this through to my mother who insists on paying for a thousands of dollar meal. I would be contend with burgers, (we even considered pizza since we looove it), subs, etc.

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it! Right on!

Mrs. Praz said...

I agree to this so much! I love my tattoo it is big and in the middle of my back! And I am looking for a dress that will highlight it not cover it. I really don't care what people think it is our day!

Anonymous said...

That's my mantra in life. I'm reminded of a long-ago post on offbeat bride that lamented "EVERYTHING is tacky to SOMEONE."

Knowing that, I say eff it and do what makes the most sense to us and for us.

hisMrs said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that. Sometimes people get so caught up in what we are "supposed to do" that we lose sight of putting a little us in the wedding. What a great post!

Unknown said...

We actually did eat pizza at our wedding. That's what we could afford and that's what our four year old son wanted to eat.
My husband and I have since been to many weddings and I would love to have burgers.

Ten Thousand Only said...

"And we should surround ourselves with guests who get that and appreciate it."


Mary Cyrus said...

Thank you. :] Unfortunately, we'll have a number of guests (family members who already threw a conniption fit when they weren't invited to my brother's wedding last month... apparently it's my job to stitch the family back together) who probably won't get or appreciate our wedding as a reflection of us, but that's okay. So long as they don't say anything distasteful directly to me on our day, or even if they do, y'know, clearly I don't value their opinions much anyhow. I'm not going to let folks with a bad attitude ruin our wedding, even if we are obligated to invite them.

Leah said...

I'd say "if you're doing it coz that's you, great. If you're doing it to cut costs, it's tacky."

NB: This doesn't mean all cost-cutting is tacky. I did HEAPS of cost-cutting in my wedding and it turned out wonderfully. What I mean is that if it appears weird and people might give it a sideways glance and THAT'S just for the sake of cost-cutting, then it's tacky.

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