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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Free All-Natural, Organic Burrito

My best friend, Andy, who functioned as our wedding officiant, also happens to be a self-proclaimed reality TV expert. If you proclaim anything consistently and vehemently enough, the world starts to believe you. He does weekly interviews for radio shows to give his two cents about the latest reality TV happenings. People have even made documentaries about him.

He keeps me abreast of everything I miss in the television world (we only use our TV for DVDs). I keep him abreast of everything that happens in the wedding planning world. Even though we really couldn't care less about each other's quirky passions, we listen respectfully and continue to be the best of friends.

He just let the world know about a fun freebie from some Survivor dude. Apparently, the guy who runs Bear Naked granola was recently voted off (is it an island?) and is using his dismissal as an opportunity to promote his newest venture: all natural, organic burritos.

You can read the story on Andy's site or go straight to the burrito site and register to receive a free one!

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1 comment:

Ms Bear Cub said...

this is so randomly awesome - I love it! :)

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