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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Summit of Awesome

I'm excited (and honored) to be speaking on a panel at the Summit of Awesome in Washington, D.C., May 1-3. The Summit of Awesome is a weekend of seminars, workshops, and social events for crafters. I'll be staying with my good friend, Amy, but she won't be attending the conference. If any of you will be there and want to meet up and be conference buddies, just let me know! P.S. I have a promo code for $25 off the registration price (for the full conference). They asked me not to post it publicly, but I'm able to e-mail it to you if you request it!

I have the opportunity to promote 2000dollarwedding.com by including an item in the conference tote bags. Matt had the brilliant idea for us to make our wedding favors again (handmade packs of cilantro seeds with growing directions on the front and our guacamole recipe on the back). We still have cilantro seeds left, so all I would have to buy would be more white card stock. I'm a little daunted by the prospect of taking on such an immense DIY project, but I'm trying to motivate myself...

Summit of Awesome!

May 1 - May 3
MidCity, Washington, D.C.

The Summit of Awesome is 3-days filled with business seminars for artists and crafters, hands-on workshops, the D.C. premiere of the Indie Craft Documentary, Handmade Nation, and a Saturday night party. Through a partnership with the MidCity Business Association, all Summit seminars and workshops will take place in the wondrous and vibrant independent businesses in MidCity (14th and U Streets NW). There will be informal tours of DC’s coolest indie shops and a welcome reception for early arrivals on Thursday, April 30th.
The Summit of Awesome is shaping up quite nicely and it is looking to be a craft-packed weekend of, dare I say - Awesome? Have you heard? Space is limited so you might want to register now!

So what do you get with your registration? Well, your registration at the Summit of Awesome gets you a one way ticket to propel you and your craft to the next level. It is a great mix of learning and crafting from discussions to hands on, with a little something for everyone.

Early arrivals can take advantage of the time and take a tour of the MidCity Business District, one of D.C.’s vibrant neighborhoods and coolest indie shops. Early arrivals will also have a blast at the Hello Craft Welcome party. Mix and mingle with the founders of Hello Craft, speakers from the weekend and get to know your fellow attendees.

Make Something Awesome Craft Area:
All weekend long, stop by the Make Something Awesome Craft Area and well, make something awesome. Have some down time between panels? Feel like decompressing? Socializing? This is the place to do it. Supplies and tutorials will help you on your way to making something awesome. Plus you can record your story for a future episode of the Hello Craft Podcast!

Learn a new technique or make something awesome with guidance from our amazing speakers.

  • Fun with Duct Tape with Kristina Bilonick
  • Simple Mold Making with Adam Maron
  • FIber Demo with Jamie Chan and Blas Herrera - Urban Fauna Studio
  • Embroidery Demo with Jenny Hart - Sublime Stitching
  • How to Photograph your Work with Sherry - Dandelion Blu
  • Sew a Felt Broach with Beth Baldwin - Tiger Flight
  • Make a Snow Globe with Esti Gerson
  • Plate Breaking Demo with Juliet Ames - The Broken Plate
  • Sewing Demo with DC Threads
  • Make a Small Book with Esti Gerson
  • Screen Printing Demo with Christy Petterson

Learning Sessions:
The main part of the weekend is to learn and grow your crafty endeavors. And what better way then to learn from the people in the know?

  • Crafting a Green Craft with Jamie Chan and Blas Herrera - Urban Fauna Studio, Liz Grotyohann and Jeff Fein-Worton - Cosa Verde, Becky Streipe - Glue and Glitter
  • What’s a Social Network and How to use it for Good with Danielle Maveal - Etsy, Tina Seamonster
  • Craft Fair Booth Set up and Displays with Caitlin Phillips - Rebound Designs, Shauna and Stephen - Something’s Hiding in Here
  • Event Sponsorship with Craftland
  • Am I a Business? How and when to form a business for your crafty endeavors with Cynthia Gayton and Paige Totaro - Volunteer Lawyer for the Arts
  • Street Teams. Why you should connect and collaborate with Jen Menkhaus and Megan Van Wagoner - B.E.S.T.
  • Branding and Identity with Jeffrey Everett - El Jefe Design
  • Developing a Product Line. Deciding what to make and sell with Ali Dryer - Pistol-Designs
  • Navagating the Art world with Craft with Joetta Maue, Quincy Pearson, Sean Hennessey, Jaime Zollars
  • Selling in a Brick and Mortar with Urban Fauna Studios, Craftland
  • Consumption and Sustainability. How DIY will Save the World with Sara Cotner - $2000 Wedding, Autumn Wiggins - Upcycle Exchange
  • Selling Successfully Online with Danielle Maveal- Etsy, Liz Grotyohann and Jeff Fein-Worton - Cosa Verde
  • Tax Implications of Starting a Business with Michael Kreps and Paige Totaro - Volunteer Lawyer for the Arts
  • Organizing a Craft Fair with Al Hoff, Jessica Manack - Handmade Arcade, Christy Petterson - ICE
  • Going out on a Limb with Jeffery Everett - El Jefe Design, Kasey and Kelly Evick - Biggs & Featherbelle
  • The Ins and Outs of Trade Shows with Rania Hassan - goshdarnknit, Sean Hennessey, Rhonda and Elijah Wyman- Figs and Ginger
  • Customer Service. Crafting with a Smile with Caitlin Phillips - Rebound Designs

Of course you won’t want to miss these talks with -

  • Maria Thomas - CEO, Etsy
  • Jenny Hart - Sublime Stitching

Handmade Nation
You’ll also have access to a screening of the D.C. premier of Handmade Nation, Faith Levine’s long awaited film documenting the indie craft community.

Handmade White Elephant
You might be familiar with this fun and sometimes funny holiday game. Well, be prepared to swap and trade your handmade goods at this fast and fun crafty version of this old favorite.

Phew! That’s a lot of awesome for one tiny weekend. Check back here for updates and additions as we introduce our amazing speakers to you over the next couple of weeks.

Your registration includes all programming from Friday through Sunday. Spaces are extremely limited, so register now!

All access passes are currently the discounted price of $150, after April 10, passes are $180.

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megan said...

this sounds like a lot of fun for us DIYers out there. I bet you'll have a blast!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride®} said...

Ohhh you are coming to my neck of the woods! Imma have to see if i can make this event! :)

Unknown said...

I just saw Handmade Nation in town last weekend at our Wisconsin Film Festival--it was great. And both screenings of the show were sold out (!), which, I think, speaks to the interest lots of people (at least around these parts) have in the craft and DIY movement.

Amy said...

Aha, this is the event! Looks great. And just spitting distance from my place -- I love 14th St.!
:-) amy

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