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Friday, April 17, 2009

Tell Your Story on National News

Exciting news!

A reporter is looking for someone who is planning a DIY or budget wedding for this summer. I love that more attention is being drawn to our kinds of weddings!

If you fit the bill, you can e-mail her the details (put 2000dollarwedding.com in the subject line).

I can't divulge the publication, but I promise you've heard of it!

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Sarah said...

Aw mans-- how about for next summer?

ryanandlaura247 said...

I am doing such a thing, and would like to contact her. However, her e-mail link isn't working for me- could you post it or e-mail it to me at laurelai23@yahoo.com? Thank you!

By the way, I love the site. I ran across it in the middle of planning my under 2000 dollar wedding (honeymoon included), and reading your blog made me feel like I'm not alone! Thanks a bunch.

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