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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tomatoes, Chickens, and Water Conservation--Oh My!

Ooh. This post isn't particularly relevant to planning meaningful and memorable weddings, but I just had to share. You can go to Good Magazine and see this amazing graphic about how much water we consume through various things. It's definitely an implicit public service announcement for vegetarianism!

While I'm off-topic, let me throw in a few other things I've been meaning to talk about (but just couldn't seem to connect to weddings or marriage). Luckily, they do connect to this post!
  1. Matt and I started growing a tomato plant upside down in our backyard (using this tutorial). We don't have a lot of sun, so vegetable gardening is a huge challenge. However, we were able to get the plant more in the sun by hanging it from an 8-foot piece of wood. Apparently, upside down tomato growing is easier (no staking) and more pest- and disease-resistent because of the increased air circulation and the barrier between the plant and the ground. You can also use Tospy-Turvy.
  2. We are thinking about getting hens! To continue with the Bonanza theme to honor our dog, Hoss, we are considering these names: Little Joe, Candy, Clem, and Hop Sing. (We're only going to get 2-3 hens, so we'll have to eliminate some options.)

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Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to try one of those hanging tomato plants. I hope you update us on how well it works. Have you read the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle? I did and I can't stop thinking about gardening and where my food comes from now. I would HIGHLY recommend it!

Anonymous said...

Make sure you don't get roosters. I'm a teacher in the bronx, ny and every morning on my walk to school I hear a rooster crowing its' heart out. I would go crazy if I were his neighbor!

Sarah said...

Very cool! We've got very little sun as well (balcony and trees = no sun), but it's a requirement for me as we start looking at houses in a few weeks.

Unknown said...

As for getting chickens, Go for it! My fiance and I manage a farm - sheep and chickens. The chickens are hilarious, great for getting rid of leftovers, and their manure is excellent fertilizer - we spread soiled bedding over the flower gardens. Like the other commenter said, definitely be sure to get pullets (hens) and not cockerels. Good luck!

Bake-rellaa said...

You should definately get chickens- watch out they are addictive though.. we started with 3 (as they are a 'pack' animal- this way if one gets ill the other ones will have company--if you only got 2 you could have a lonely girl!
I've now got 6 hens and 5 bantams (minature chickens). If space is an issue you might want to get 3 bantams. How Eggciting!

Sharpiegirl said...

Ahhhh...Chickens. 2 or 3 are fun. I grew up on a chicken farm. 3500+ at a time. We had a MOUNTAIN of fertalizer for years after we got rid of them. Gotta watch how much you put on your garden. You will burn your crops up if you aren't careful. Dad got a little carried away and it took a couple of years for the garden to really come back.
On the bright side my sisters and I had LOTS of fun tossing eggs back and forth and throwing them up in the air to see how close to the top of the barn we could get them without actually hitting it. Mom always wondered where those spots came from.
Chasing the possums, skunks and snakes aways...not as much fun but dang lively!
If you are needing a nest I saw a guy at First Monday in Canton that was selling them...I didn't notice how much though since I know where to get one for free.

kristina said...

I posted hen house inspiration for you! yay for urban farming.

Rachael Eisner said...

Chickens!!!! LOVE chickens. Lots. And I'm going to have to say that you're going to need to post updates on the chickens as well. Otherwise I'll miss them. ;) From the looks of your porch, I'm assuming you have plenty of space for a coup right?

RoseInBloom said...

I love Hop Sing for a chicken! Btw...Jamie Oliver did a very good episode on his free range chicken and making a coop and all. He made an excellent case for saving a poor chicken from those horrid wire cages they live in.

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