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Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

Honestly, I didn't date a lot of guys that I wanted to marry before meeting Matt. Although many of them (note: I did not say "all") had interesting and redeeming qualities, they didn't have the right combination of characteristics that made us a good fit as lifetime companions.

Matt, on the other hand, is an extremely compatible companion. Our weekend is a case in point.


When Matt got home, he spent an hour or so responding to e-mail on the front porch, and I worked on my clown costume for Saturday night. Then we trekked to one of my former colleague's houses that I haven't seen in years. Matt was totally psyched to meet new people and imbibe some Indian food made from scratch! Matt asks lots of sincere questions and genuinely listens to the responses, so it's always fun to hang out with him in group situations.


He was totally game to go to our neighborhood Pooch Promenade. We rode our bikes to the park and entered Hoss in the Most Handsome category. He didn't even place. Matt spent the bike ride home telling Hoss how handsome he is, regardless of what the judges decided.

When we got home, I was in a funk and couldn't think of a single thing I wanted to do. My costume was not progressing very well at all. I didn't want to shop. I didn't want to work in the garden. I didn't want to read. Matt was getting ready to go running, so he invited me along. We drove about 40 minutes outside of Houston to the Lake Houston Park. Matt ran while Hoss and I just strolled for an hour or so. It was exactly what I needed.

Back at home, I suggested we watch a movie, and Matt was totally game. He even let me pick the movie: Rachel Gets Married.

Then we had exactly an hour to get ready for the Clown Gala. I ditched the wedding dress idea because it wasn't comfortable enough and decided to wear my tutu instead. I hurried and made a pink yarn wig using this tutorial. Matt scrounged around in our closet and came up with an adorable costume.

The Clown Gala was a blast. I wish one of my friends would have a clown wedding so everyone could dress up and play fun games. They had a tossing game, a clown therapist, a face-painting station, free clown noses, a Mexican buffet, a stage with bands playing all night, hula hoops, cotton candy, snow cones, an open bar, and a cupcake and brownie buffet. Matt was hilarious. A woman challenged him to lift his weight six times and do six lunges. Matt said, "Ha! That's so easy I'll do them at the same time!" In a very exaggerated and hilarious way, he did the six lunges, threw down his barbell, and proceeded to lift a trashcan over his head. He cracks me up.


We went our separate ways for the morning: I took Hoss running at the park, and Matt went to his soccer game and then picked up some stuff from Target. Then I spent some quality time with a friend--walking, grocery shopping, and working on a template to track students' character development.

That evening, we went over to our friends' house (the famous cook who served us frozen mint lemonade last week) for dinner. Yum!

Of course our weekend wasn't all roses and daffodils. We had disagreements about who was doing more to contribute to the family (I've been doing all the refinancing stuff, while Matt does extra work every week on the yard). And we also had disappointments (he wanted to have sex on Saturday afternoon, and I didn't). But overall, I just enjoy spending time with my beloved.

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megan said...

haha. i love hearing about couples having fun together! it looks like y'all had a blast (despite totally normal mini-tiffs). i was just telling my friend this weekend that i'll watch my fiance do crazy things and think to myself, now why am i not annoyed with this 2 years later? i guess that's love! and Lake Houston? my honey grew up up there. It's time to visit the 'rents there soon. I miss them!

the un-bride said...

What a sweet post. And I would totally vote Hoss "Most Handsome"!

EmilyAnn said...

Who was judging that contest?! Hoss is SO handsome!

Anonymous said...

I like how you included the sex stuff.. keepin in real. & it came just as I was wondering if you guys had made time for the weekend hanky panky.. haha

A.P. said...

great post! we had a pretty similar weekend, ;)

and your dog is amazing!!!!!!!!

Carey Griffin said...

this sounds so eerily familiar - even down to watching Rachel Getting Married (though we did that Sunday night). I love your perspective! And what great costumes!!

Becca said...

I love that you talk about the everyday fun and frustrations of marriage here - somehow that often gets lost in the wedding blog world.

Also, I'm trying to convince J that he really wants to host clown-themed party (I just want an excuse for a clown wig and facepaint stations.) However, we are completely onboard with the Puppy Promenade... as soon as we get a puppy.

the Lady said...

Ah! You said the sex word! Hm, nice to read that not everyone has sex all the time. So funny.

Sounds like a fun weekend, you two are lucky to have each other!

Yivinns said...

Wow, it is so refreshing to read a blog post about the gritty along with the happy parts in life. Thank you so much! (I request hearing more about your daily life together; I'm sure many people find it relieving and helpful. I certainly do!)

kahlia said...

I agree, I love reading about couples that are similar to us doing normal things--and enjoying each other (most of the time) while doing so. I also like that you included the moments when you didn't so much enjoy each other, as it reminds us all that we're so totally normal and that it's ok to not be making gooey eyes at each other constantly. Thanks for an inspiring, refreshing post!

Rain Blanken said...

The yarn wig looks awesome and it looks like you guys had so much fun.

Glad you found my wig tutorial helpful, and fast! If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

-Rain Blanken

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