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Monday, April 20, 2009

Wildly Creative & Entertaining Wedding Ideas

Our weekend festivities gave me lots of creative ideas for weddings. My best friend, Andy, says we should plan our weddings the way we plan birthday parties. We should retain a few elements of tradition, but beyond that, they should be wildly creative and entertaining.

First there was the Time Bank potluck. Check out this spread:

Those flat, cornbread-looking things were the cupcakes I made from scratch. They looked like complete crap, but they tasted divine!

On Saturday afternoon, we took advantage of some box tickets to the baseball game provided by Matt's work, The Knowledge Is Power Program. It would be amazing for a pair of sports fanatics to tie the knot at a baseball game.

On Sunday we went to an evening soiree with a Taco Truck and a bouncy house. Awesome!

I'll have to add these ideas to the List of Ways to Have Fun at a Wedding.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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Becca said...

Sara, we had parallel weekends.

You have no idea how much I want a taco truck or barbecue at the wedding. L.A. is the taco truck capital of the U.S., so I may be in luck!

Also, we celebrated my FH's birthday in the park this weekend with a potluck. Next time, we're copying the dozens of other families we saw with bouncy castles. We were all completely jealous of the kids' parties, despite our friends' awesome bluegrass jam session.

Hannah said...

I'd kill for a potluck wedding!!! haha

Unknown said...

The food looks great. I hope you enjoyed the baseball game. The hubby and I are waiting for local hockey season to start.

Victoria said...

Just this weekend I told my boyfriend that I wanted my wedding to be like a birthday party where I get married instead of getting a year older. He thought I was kidding until I added that I wanted a taco bar and a bouncy house - I never kid about bouncy houses.

Chica de mente ocurrente said...

the bouncy house rules!!!! for my wedding im looking for a gigant bouncy.. i found one of 22 mts!! for kids and adults to enjoy as kids!

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