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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Sad Day in the Fight for Marriage Equality

The Courage Campaign is fighting the good fight out in California, despite today's setback in the state Supreme Court. They've updated their advocacy video to include these opening lines:

What if we could vote...to pay you less because of your gender.
...to deny you medical care because of your age.
...to deny you housing because of your race.
...to stop you from marrying the person you love.

That's exactly right. It's a civil rights issue. Regardless of what individual religions think about marriage between same-sex partners, we can't continue to deny people the civil rights that accompany marriage. It's the responsibility of the state to provide equal rights to all its citizens.

I think I better go donate $25 of my allowance money to the cause.

Go to their site if you want to watch the updated Fidelity video or to donate.

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Lili said...

I was heartbroken when I heard this.

We were planning on getting married in CA, where we grew up, but now I'm thinking maybe a destination wedding in Massachusetts, or Vermont, or some other place that upholds and protects human rights, is in order.

The decision to uphold a voter-approved-yet-unconstitutional law smacks of the "separate but equal" policies that the civil rights movement fought to abolish. I had hoped we'd learned from that experience.

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

So sad. So ignorant.

lesbo said...

Thanks for showing your support on such a bittersweet topic. Rough day for the community and our allies.

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