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Monday, May 18, 2009

Free Handwritten Fonts for Wedding Invitations

We're in the process of refinancing our house (s-t-r-e-s-s-f-u-l-l) in order to lower our interest rate from 6.375% to 4.75%. It will help us save $188 a month, which will quickly add up to thousands the longer we stay in our house.

As I was filling out the new loan application, I realized that we had to check a specific box to keep our mortgage company from selling our address to their business associates. I'm positive we didn't see that box the first time we applied for a loan, which explains the large amounts of junk mail we receive.

It's funny to watch Matt get tricked by the junk mail that seems to have his name handwritten on the envelope. I explained to him that it's a computer font. He still didn't believe me. I told him to lick the envelope and try to smear it. If it stays put, it's a computer font. If it smears, it's handwritten.

He finally believed me.

It's good for those of you who want the look of handwritten invitations without all the hassle. Just do a mail merge from Excel for even more efficiency!

There are lots of cool fonts on www.dafont.com, like my new favorite: Jellyka.

Happy typing!

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Lisa said...

I had great success with www.dafont.com for all my wedding font needs! Easy to use and many of great fonts available.

Michele said...

Me likey! I'm a huge fan of dafont.com, and an even huger fan simplifying the wedding invitation process where ever possible, which printing addresses (rather than hand-writing them) undoubtedly does.

sara-grey said...

I just finished using this same font to address our invitations and my young man also had trouble believing that it was a computer font.

Danielle said...

Oh lucky you have a keen eye. No more junk mail :)

Anonymous said...

ohhh we are using that as one of our fonts!

Mary Cyrus said...

We just refinanced to a lower rate a few weeks ago. Stressful, indeed.

Katy said...

I love dafont. As a graphics major it has saved me on many projects from using the standard mac fonts.

This is actually a great site for handwritten fonts:

She will turn your handwriting into a font, too. :-)

Amanda said...

Some Gorgeous Wedding Fonts Click here to Download

Gayle said...

DaFont is an awful site, simply because I'm addicted to fonts and I have downloaded so many from there now that it's too hard to select just one font for projects! LOL

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