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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Indonesian Wedding Ritual

CNN published a story about a new initiative in Indonesia that requires newlyweds to plant ten tress in an effort to fight deforestation (thanks for sharing, Maureen!).

It would be a fun ritual to voluntarily institute in our own lives. Ooh, maybe Matt and I should figure out how to plant trees on every anniversary...

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Anonymous said...

Our friends had a tree planting ceremony as part of their wedding (instead of a unity candle or a sand ceremony). I thought it was awesome, especially since the bride is a farm girl with a horticulture degree.

I love the idea of planting another tree every anniversary.

Unknown said...

or adopt an acre of rainforest each year, or adopt a (insert endangered species here) each year...
What a great way to commemorate all the things you've given eachother through the year, than to give back to the world around you.
me likey.

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