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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Music to Set Your Soul Ablaze

Hello, dear 2000 Dollar Wedding Readers, this is Matt Bradford, Sara's partner.

I am writing for a number of reasons:
  1. It's spring and I am now driving with the windows down and the humid breeze coursing through my beautiful blond locks.
  2. My eyes are watery and my nose is full of mucus. It's either love or pollen in the air; I'll go with love.
  3. It's nearly the "official" start to wedding season. Since I've already found the love of my life and I am officially "off the market", I am going to give YOU, the readers of 2000 Dollar Wedding, Matt Bradford's exclusive recipe for success in love, life, and winning friends. Warning: Handle with care; contents under presha'.
Recipes to make that special someone...

come close: A certain Jens Lekman singing You Can Call Me Al is a delicious mix of old-school and indie-school and it's certain to make that special object of your batted lashes think you've got taste to waste. Chevy Chase didn't have it this good.

dance with yo' bad self: The Tremeloes singing Here Comes my Baby. Your heart's delight will swoon with whimsy and a wiggle in their hips when the timeless lyrics of Cat Stevens sung by The Tremeloes tingles their naughty-bits.

keep dancing with yo' bad self: Two French spacemen have never looked as good as Daft Punk singing One More Time. Take your sweet-cheeks to the dance floor before you take them to the moon!

take a walk with innocent you: Yes, I saw it in you since we first met. You are the sensitive type, at least that's what they'll think when your near-and-dear hears The Be Good Tanyas singing Littlest Bird. In fact, take your banjo along with you and hit the solo like a young Bela Fleck.

wrestle tongues: Yes, you heard right, Mickey Rourke. When you play Ben Gibbard's You Remind Me of Home, your singlet-wearing luchadore will be coming off the top ropes!

swap clothes: Trust me when I tell you that you may not have enough time to remove your socks before your bones get jumped like a skeleton on a trampoline. Broken Social Scene will be your Gatorade in the love marathon with this track, Cause = Time.

drink their morning cup with you: After an exhausting night of cooing, toe-tapping, sandy walks, and fulfilled promises, why not wake up to Empire of the Sun's Walking on a Dream? That fair-haired friend of yours will no doubt be back for another stay not just because of your exhaustive knowledge of all things hip, but because of the continental breakfast.

Happy, and safe baking! Don't pick up a hot dish without your oven mitts!

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sara-grey said...

here comes my baby is such a great song. I have both versions but depending on the day it's hard to decide which one I like better.

Rachael Eisner said...

Never forget the continental breakfast. Food is very important to fuel for more toe tappin energy.


camyl said...

good choice with Broken Social Scene!!

Kaitlin Wainwright said...

The Littlest Bird is one of the loveliest songs.

kahlia said...

So this is just a great post all over, but the part that moved me to comment was that you refer to Sara as your "partner".
See, I live in Spain and here a man, in referring to his wife, will literally call her "my woman" ("mi mujer")... and that's the socially-acepted term for "female to whom one is married". Another word for wife is "esposa", which is the same word (in singular) for handcuffs! (Men are referred to as "marido" (male to whom one is married, not "my man").) So, my partner and I go out of our way to use the gender-neutral "partner" ("pareja"), and will continue to do so after we're married. I'm also trying to get people who I talk to in English in the US used to term "partner", too... which I hope will be all the more effective since his name is Joan (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_(first_name) ).

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