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Monday, June 8, 2009

DIY: Vintage Wedding Cake Stands

Image courtesy of Tangarang

Oh. Wow.

I wish I were a sixteenth as creative as the people in Blog-land.


Cake stands made out of vintage plates and glasses?

Brilliant! And i-n-e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e!

And better for than environment than buying something brand-new.

Eco-friendly, budget-minded, and hand-crafted. Yes! Make that an emphatic, "YES!"

These would be lovely at a wedding with a bunch of regular cakes (to give people options!) or with cupcakes.

DISCLAIMER: I don't mean to pressure you into making every aspect of your wedding cute and crafted. I'm the one who went with a bunch of smaller cakes from Whole Foods (cheaper and less of a hassle) and just plopped them straight on the table (a table that didn't even have a cute or crafted tablecloth). Matt and I had other things to worry about (like writing our ceremony, making our wedding quilt, choreographing our first dance, creating our wedsite, creating name tags that would foster conversation, writing personalized notes to each of our guests on the invitations, buying a new house, planning a move, looking for new jobs, and generally trying to keep ourselves grounded and happy). Yikes!

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{The Perfect Palette} said...

cute !!!

Sharpiegirl said...

I've got 80+ china plates and even more saucers from my wedding. I should do something like that with them!
The Husband keeps asking what I'm going to do with all that stuff. He would be thrilled if I actually made some money back on them.

Caroline said...

That's a great idea! I've never thought of using china plates. My parents still have their china as well, and don't know what to use them for.

mel said...

For my upcoming wedding I purchased mis-matched dishes and goblets/glasses and made cakestands (painted a lovely chocolate brown) as my centerpieces. On top of the cake stands we'll pile granny smith apples, and encourage folks to snack on them throughout the reception, and of course, take some home!

Dallas Shaw said...

these are amazing, and great to have around the house too


lauren said...

I love it! I was looking at cake stands, and they *start* at $70. no way. and those are for the ugly ones! these are so pretty!
Im making my cake for my wedding (which is this saturday) and everyone seems amazed. seriously, who has never made a cake? And Ive never eaten a non-yummy cake. I found this DIY recipe here
I made a 1/3 version (which was still HUGE) and it was so yummy and pretty easy. and you can use local fruit, eggs, and milk.

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ Lauren: Hooray for you! Please send us a report of your experience. It sounds yummy and fun. How meaningful and memorable! Happy wedding...

Lili said...

These are simply fabulous.

We're going with cupcakes and cheesecakes, so we'll need lots of pretty stands, and I was not willing to fork over the ridiculous amounts I've been seeing them for. Hmmm, how would these do multi-tiered for cupcakes?

Anonymous said...

I've also seen it done with candlesticks.

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