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Thursday, June 4, 2009

DIY: Wedding Garter

Photo courtesy the purl bee

I talk a lot about how Matt and I held each element of a "traditional wedding" under a microscope and decided whether to:
  1. Keep it
  2. Modify it
  3. Reject it
  4. Create something new
When it came to the wedding garter, we decided to reject it. We didn't know where the tradition had come from, and, frankly, it seemed like just another trivial detail that we didn't want/need to worry about.

However, everyone needs to make the decision for themselves, based on what makes sense to them. If you are going the garter route, this DIY version from the purl bee is pretty darn cool.

It uses elastic thread in the bobbin, which is my new favorite trick. I'm in the process of making a dress from scratch, using this miraculous invention (just say no to darts and pleats!).

The tutorial from the purl bee is very clear and easy to follow. Happy sewing!

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megan said...

elastic bobbin thread! how freaking amazing! is it strong though? It just seems to me that it might be too stretchy and break. But I have a pair of jeans that have the smallest amount of stretch in them, and when the bottom started to fray, it had some elastic-y thread that was made into the demin. great stuff!

{The Perfect Palette} said...


mandyrosy said...

This is definitely a cute little garter and a great thing to craft, but I think we're going to skip the traditional garter toss. It feels just a little sleazy. Instead, we're having a pinata! Woo-hoo!

megan said...

a pinata!? what a wonderfully awesome idea! favors and fun all in one stop!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to make my own Garter for my wedding. I got plenty of fabric to choose from. Thanks for posting this blog!

Oh and... Garters were made back in the old days to hold up ladies stockings. :)

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